Saturday, June 17, 2017

Remembering Aminah on this Special Day

Today is the anniversary of Aminah's passing. This day 4 years ago I was overwhelmed with an undeniable feeling of regret. I felt alone and troubled. My soul just would not rest. In the picture above is Twin Akilah. I always upload pictures of her because this is what Aminah looks like.She was an identical twin. I feel that no matter what I can honestly say that I love Aminah and will continue to dedicate this blog to her in every way possible.

Sometimes I look at Twin Akilah and just cry because she is so special and smart and she is missing her other part but everyday I show her pictures and remind her who Aminah is. I tell her what happened and I tell Akilah why she is special. I tell her your a twin!!!! I tell her she is so special that God had to make two.

I have mourned for so long today is a Celebration. We will honor you our special Ibeji Holiday.
We Love you Aminah.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Deciding to Record and Photograph my Birth weeks

So today I have a midwife appointment baby due soon. I will be recording my whole trip. Since this is my last baby I want this to be special. I will be recording these weeks until delivery.

Hope you stay tuned in.

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