Friday, December 8, 2017

I Finally Got a Birth Certificate for Akilah, Aminah's Twin

Wow, it's been a long time coming. Aminah has been gone almost 5 years now. Time moves so fast. I literally can not believe it. Although I have not blogged in a while, my fight for Aminah has not stopped. As we have added to our family I can't help but to know for sure that my Twin's death was definitely due to negligence of that Midwife.

Anyways.........I'm proven record that you may still receive a delayed birth certificate for a home birth.

Here a few pictures of what Aminah would look like to this day.

Identical Twin Akilah
Born 1st

Identical Twin Akilah
Born 1st

Identical Twin Akilah
Born 1st

Happy Blogging

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Remembering Aminah on this Special Day

Today is the anniversary of Aminah's passing. This day 4 years ago I was overwhelmed with an undeniable feeling of regret. I felt alone and troubled. My soul just would not rest. In the picture above is Twin Akilah. I always upload pictures of her because this is what Aminah looks like.She was an identical twin. I feel that no matter what I can honestly say that I love Aminah and will continue to dedicate this blog to her in every way possible.

Sometimes I look at Twin Akilah and just cry because she is so special and smart and she is missing her other part but everyday I show her pictures and remind her who Aminah is. I tell her what happened and I tell Akilah why she is special. I tell her your a twin!!!! I tell her she is so special that God had to make two.

I have mourned for so long today is a Celebration. We will honor you our special Ibeji Holiday.
We Love you Aminah.

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