Saturday, June 27, 2015

Don't Believe The Home birth Hype

So many women across the world are deciding to home birth. They don't know anything about home birth and how dangerous it can be. Most women start researching the internet about home birth. They start watching home birth videos, they go to home birth blogs, they read books, the follow prominent famous midwives, they follow actresses and celebrities that have home birth. This is where women will get their information about home birth. Sad and dangerous all at the same time. No matter who's home birth story you follow no home birth will be the same. No one should ever trust a midwife alone at home to birth their baby. I write so many post in regarding home birth safety but I really think women are just more interested in my stupid decision to birth twins at home. I wish more women shared the education aspect of my blog instead of just the home birth story.  I am so over the fact the women feel as though I made a bad decision when choosing to home birth twins. Midwives hear in American are under-educated . No one should ever birth with a CPM at home. I would not ever trust a midwife at my home to deliver my baby and I write this blog to help other women make informed decisions regarding home birth. BIRTH SMART. You can attempt at natural birth at the hospital you have to fight for it but at least you won't have to worry about a midwife standing you up, being late, not having the appropriate equipment, under-educated, or what not. The hospital is like a safety net and you want to use them for that reason alone. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that deaths don't happen at the hospital because they do,  I know women that did everything that they were suppose to do. They stayed on top of their appointments and their baby still died. What I am saying you don't want the burden of knowing that your baby could have survived if only if you would have just went to the hospital to have the baby.


Preparing for Funeral and Medical Cost

In this world nothing is guaranteed. All you can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. REALLY! Please take my words for what they are. Set up a fund specifically for if something goes wrong. Let me tell you why. You don't want to have to be hit in the face with expenses you didn't plan or sign up for. 

Midwifery and home birth is growing more and more as time passes but understanding that there is more to home birth than just picking a midwife and birthing at home.

Please prepare in case something may go wrong.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Make sure your Midwife is an actual Midwife

As I sat in Jefferson City, Missouri for the Malpractice insurance bill 2189 I got to hear other stories of home birth disasters that happened in Missouri. The old couple sat next to me and my husband that day in Rep Franklin's office before the introduction of the bill was about to be heard on the floor. We properly introduced ourselves to each other in front of Rep Franklin's assistant in her small office. It was indeed unfortunate that we had to meet under those circumstances. 

When it was time to appear on the floor to share our birth stories, the old couple lead with their story first. The husband sat in a chair beside his wife and allowed her to tell the story that they had drove for a while to say. The mother said that her daughter was unable to be there to tell her birth story because she had died the day that she gave birth. Their grandson had died also. The old woman also told the counsel of representatives that the midwives in charge of delivery and the care for her daughter were not actual midwives. 

These midwives attended a birth and took money from a woman and they did not disclose that they were not actual midwives with certifications. This was a sad story. I'm sure many more like this story are floating around the Internet.

To all women who are new to home birthing please make sure your midwife is a actual midwife.

                                                              Thanks to all who read and follow this blog
                                                                                  The Midwife From Hell

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sweet Memories and Words for June 17th

June 17, was the day of celebration for Aminah's passing. I just sat back really sad thinking about all the memories of that day. That even has shaped my life in so many ways. I am thankful for the years that have followed that day. Oh how I miss you so, sweet Aminah, I feel your pretty presence everyday.

-Love Always,
   Your beautiful Mother
     Dreah Louis

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