Monday, December 30, 2013

Communication Records between MMA & NARM #2

Rachel Williston  
To Me

Dec 11
Hello Andrea,
I wanted to touch base with you and let you know I spoke with Shannon from the NARM accountability board yesterday morning. She is trying to contact you today or tomorrow about your complaint. We have a plan to move forward and are waiting on receiving paperwork and charts from the midwives to proceed. I just wanted to stay in touch and let you know where we are at. I look forward to working with you to resolve this as best we can. Many prayers for you and your family during the first holiday season after your loss. 

Rachel Williston, President of MMA 
To Rachel Williston
Dec 11
The phone number that I can be reached at is 314-xxx-xxxx. This waiting game is getting a bit overwhelming because it seems as thought no matter what I do I have to wait on this, and wait on that, and all I hear is we didn't get this, and waiting on a response for this person or that person. I just hope that it does not take a whole year. This is a sad case regardless of any holiday season. I wish there was more urgency when an death has taken place especially when a midwife is a fault for a death.
To Rachel Williston

Dec 11
again my sounding irate may be due to midwives not taking my daughters death seriously. There has to be a better way other than mail. Seem irrational. Anyways my phone took a fall in water the other day and my husbands number is the contact number listed please try on 314-xxx-xxxx or email
Rachel Williston
To Me

Dec 12
I assure you we are taking this case very seriously. We had a meeting yesterday to make certain we are doing what NARM requires of us as we move forward. We are in contact with the midwives and waiting on your charts, so that we can review them and schedule the grievance date for the in person interviews. We will try and find someplace close to where you are living to hold the meetings so as to make it as convenient for you as possible. I have sent the phone numbers you gave me on to Shannon so she can speak with you directly if she has not already. 
 We currently use mail to be certain we have all the paperwork completed. I will discuss this with Shannon to see if we can change anything to speed it up while still maintaining confidentiality and dealing with a staff that is spread out through the state. 

Rachel Williston
 Is there any word yet?
To Rachel Williston
Dec 28 at 1:56 PM
Is there any word yet?
To Rachel Williston

Dec 28 at 1:57 PM
I'm sure these midwives have had no punishments what so ever. I bet you they are still birthing babies. So sad
Rachel Williston   
To Me

Dec 29 at 9:42 PM
I have been told that Joann has mailed the records and we should receive them this week. I am sure mail is slow because of the holiday. We will plan to have the information gathering meeting as soon as possible. We have to follow the rules as set out by NARM. I will let you and Shannon know as soon as I receive the records. 
Rachel Williston

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holding NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) Accountable

These women are smart.  There is no accountability really at all when complaints are being filed or when a death has occurred on behalf of a midwife. Remember if your contacting NARM you probably are wanting to file or complaint or get some information. They are wonderful if you are trying to obtain information but if a baby has died you will get the VOICEMAIL often. They will forward your call and make false promises. They duck and dodge you and act like they have not forgotten about your case. If a death has occurred on behalf of a negligent midwife the Midwife will hide and NARM will act like the parent of the midwife and protect their little child. They hide in so many ways it's disgusting.  Shannon Anton for the accountability department has been on vacation for I don't know how long that is what they say every time I call. I'm starting not to believe them. You see I'm not trying to (hate) on home birth. I mean to be honest and truth of the matter is NARM has protected their self very well by being a Non-Profit organization. Non- Profit organizations can be sued but odds are slim that if sued you will win.

Wow these women are completely protected. Home birth advocated say to me constantly, "Babies die at the hospital also." I am aware of this you can read the chapter of My blog titled, "Kanoy". I know babies die at the hospital  but at least there is accountability if they die at the hospital. If your baby dies in the hospital on behalf of a negligent doctor believe me that doctor can not run. I'm not saying that the doctor can not get away with it either but what I am saying is hospitals have insurance. These midwives and NARM have nothing for a mother who loses a baby due to midwife incompetence and that is something that women that plan to birth at home should think about. If your baby dies at home and it's the midwives fault then who will you run to. NO ONE because there is no one to run to. There is no accountability if a CPM makes a mistake. They will lie and they will cover things up they will do whatever it takes to forget about you and what happened. The worst part is that they will continue to deliver babies like they did not commit murder and NARM is okay with these actions as long as home birthing women are not aware of these things.

I hope my blog can save at least one mother and one baby. These midwives stick together so that their organizations will continue to exist.  The midwife took my money, killed my baby, and ran and is still delivering babies. I bet you she makes sure she is on time now for all her deliveries or maybe not because she was never punished. She had no insurance and doesn't care that she held the cards for my daughters life and she bluffed. She ran to a lawyer who is also a midwife, OMG who is regulating these women. This is worst than a horror movie.

This matter is very serious and until some one is truly listening I think that home birth must be put on hold. YES!!!! That's right no more birthing at home until I talk to who's in charge. I don't want anymore babies  to have to die at home in the hands of inexperienced women who call themselves midwives. All midwives with a license must be audited now!

Women if your are pregnant you must finish your prenatal care in the hospital until home birth is safe again, right now unfortunately it is not safe. As a mother that has lost a child to home birth and midwife neglect I am really raising awareness to NARM because they are giving the licenses.  The accountability department with NARM is a prop. Its nearly just a department for show it's been almost a year and these midwives still have not met with me or my husband which lets me know that they do not take death seriously. They quit answering my phone calls and emails. I am furious and my job now is to let women know who plan on birthing at home with CPM or even at birthing centers, having a baby outside of a true hospital is dangerous and very risky and there is no accountability if something goes wrong. Think again for the sake of your life and your unborn child.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MMA (Missouri Midwives Association) Communication Record #1

This is the correspondence that I've been having back and forth with the MMA:

-----Original Message-----
From: andrea mcghee []
Sent: Friday, November 1, 2013 12:34 AM

My name is Andrea McGhee. I am following up with the review board. The midwife/s I am concerned about are:
Joann Falcon
Jennifer Konkol
I am reporting a home birth death of a twin. I sent in my grievance form and release of records letters months ago. I have not heard anything in regarding my case.
Has the death been reported by midwife/s?  
Nov 1
 Hello, Andrea,

I was surprised that I did not receive your return grievance complaint form in the mail.  I thought you must have decided to pursue another route.  

I take this very seriously.  I will check the mail again to see if your complaint has arrived.  If it has not, you will need to re-send the form because the committee cannot continue without the paperwork.

I am very sorry for this delay and will let you know what I find in the mail.

Deborah Smithey
Grievance Committee Chair

Nov 1
I already see the game your counsel is about to play. I know I sent the
forms two days after I received notice from your board. Please let's not play games to protect midwives. I will not wait on you to send forms out again. The form said that I only had 10 days from that day to respond. Why wouldn't I have sent it back. I lost a child and this is not a game.
I'm glad I made copies



Nov 1
I don't like to correspond through the mail about a death that takes to long. This is urgent. I can bring you the forms to your headquaters. Where are you located and I Will be there.

Nov 1
I am definately not playing games.  MMA mail is forwarded from our mailbox in Springfield, MO.  We have received 2 letters since I sent the forms to you and neither of them was your reply.  Obviously we cannot proceed if we do not receive your formal complaint.
I suggest you contact the North American Registry of Midwives if you do not want to use the MMA Grievance process.  Like I said in the letter I mailed you, MMA does not have any real power over the midwife.  If you are serious about your complaint you should contact NARM because they are the ones who have the power to sanction her credential or take it away. 
NARM General Information:
Debbie Pulley
5257 Rosestone Dr.
Lilburn, GA 30047
888-842-4784 or 770-381-9051
NARM Accountablility Department:
Shannon Anton
PO Box 128
Bristol, VT 05443
Deborah Smithey
MMA Grievance Chair  
Dec 2 at 1:17 PM
Dear Andrea McGhee,

We have received your signed Grievance Acknowledgement Form and will continue processing your case.  We will contact you when your input is needed.

Please do not contact me on the business phone for my midwifery practice.  My staff is not part of the MMA Grievance Review Board and it is inappropriate for them to take your call.

Deborah Smithey

cc: Rachel Williston, MMA President  

Dec 2 at 5:24 PM
Let me just say this ,
I never talked to anyone of your staff members your not being honest. Yes I called a few times and got no answer and today is the first day I decided to leave a message. I got the voicemail every time I called and today was the first day I left a message because you informed me that you were going to Springfield to see if my response was received. I lost my daughter and you want to talk to me  like I am interrupting  your practice. I don't care how you or your staff members feel about a mother calling. Maybe your the wrong person for the position of Chair of the Grievance Board. You just don't like me bugging you about this issue or maybe the way I'm talking to you is not polite enough. It is your responsibility as a member of the grievance board  to make sure a families claim is processed properly and to not give people the run around because it is not your problem. Who cares how a mother gets in contact with you as long as she does. Anyways since you've made it clear through this email that you have now become aggravated by me contacting you I will make sure that I keep all of our correspondences to show how you midwives/women really act when a death occurs.
Thanks for your time I will stay connected with Shannon from the Accountability department I have made her already aware of you and our conversation

Unfortunately These are the games that I have to deal with while trying to file a death. They hold you up, they act like they don't get the mail and they also don't want to be bothered with your problem.

They pissed of the wrong mom

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Run Around

Planning a Home Birth? Well, I hope it goes right because you do not want to deal with NARM or the Midwife Association of your state. They will give you The Run Around. They do not take death serious at all. It's like they try to protect each other by slowing up the process. My daughter passed away in June of 2013 and I have been trying to file a complaint with the Missouri Midwives Association since May. These women make you do all your correspondence through mail. You send things certified mail and they still claim that they didn't get it. I'm not trying to scare any mother for choosing to home birth but just know that if your birth does not turn out right and the midwife is indeed at.fault you have to be your child's best advocate. No one cares about your situation until your situation becomes their situation.

The thing about home birth is that you can never actually plan what will take place at a home birth. It's just to unpredictable. Lets just throw my situation out the door for a moment. Lets say your planning a home birth and you have done all of the proper research, you have found the perfect midwife maybe word of mouth, you have all the worst case scenarios in your head and your willing to take responsibility for whatever happens if something goes wrong. All you know is that your taking a risk and you know that you have to except whatever happens but the truth is indeed things do happen and deaths do happen often in hospital or home births but how many of those deaths could have been avoided by one simple technique? How many of those deaths could have been truly live births.

See these are the things that we are not talking about. With birthing babies some may be deaths but what is important to know is what and who are the people who are going to hold the key, the responsibility, the honor of the gateway to earth. There is nothing wrong with wanting a home birth but I think because home birth is not a full fledged career that sisters and mothers are cultivated together its more so, "I'm pregnant, I want to birth a home, lets find a midwife." Instead of calling a mother or sister who knows how to deliver babies. I guess what I am saying is there are no enough midwives within the women's family that plans on birthing at home. If a sister is birthing your baby there is going to be compassion coming out of the birthing event. A mother is someone that brought you into the world so why wouldn't she make sure that she was able to fulfill prophecy for you. Again these are just thoughts of mine nothing is written in stone.

Midwifery needs to be more intimate. It can not just be considered a career that a women went to school for and passed a test to become certified to birth babies at home or in a hospital atmosphere. Pregnancy is something that is sacred and majestic, each and every women's body is a map that can not be duplicated so planning to have a home birth with a qualified profession midwife may not be enough. Having a strong bond and connection like no other is something that is indeed missing from the midwifery profession.

No woman should be given the run around when a baby has been lost. It's like saying, "I'm sorry for your loss, wait in line." It truly does make you look at home birth in a new light when you see the same people that you went to for answers to questions during your pregnancy treat you so cold when you have to talk to them about a death. Of course I'm pretty sure that there are women our there that have had home birth disasters and they have kept their feelings of betrayal by a midwife secret. Feeling that if she talks about it she will be bad mouthing or stirring up trouble for the midwife but me I can't stay quiet because I know that what happened at my house that night WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN.

I chose to speak out because I feel like because midwives are not authorized to carry any type of malpractice insurance or even be held accountable if a death has occurred WHAT IS LEFT FOR A MOTHER BUT TO TALK ABOUT IT ESPECIALLY IF YOUR GETTING THE RUN AROUND

Thursday, November 14, 2013

HomeBirth Journey

Freedom is why people come to America. The Bill of Rights is what people stand on in this country. Without those rights Americans would feel conformed, restricted, and regulated. I enjoy having freedoms. Waking up in the morning to my own place, food, vehicle, children, husband, and just life. The things that makes us pure human beings. The Internet has gotten us to the point where we can share so much information so much quicker than before. Anything new is a learning experience. To involve a new idea, task, or endeavor  is something that involves change.

Home birth you can say for me was a new idea at one point in time. It was something that grew with me as I become older. When I left home at the age of 21 I realized that my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri was not where I wanted to spend the rest of the my life, so I packed up my things and traveled down south to Orlando, Florida with the love of my life Anthony. I remember the day we left our sweet home and our true journey was sure to begin with each other.

In Florida is where I was introduced to a more natural way of living and birth. I followed Erykah Badu a lot during that time in my life and she would always talk about on interviews about her views on home birth and eventually wanting to become a doula or lay midwife. Being young and in my early twenties I had no idea what a midwife was. So I did what most people do, Research. I found many articles on the subject. My understanding grew so much as I grew and became older.

Young, pregnant, and 22 years and in Florida I eventually found a woman by the name of Jennie Joseph she ran The Birth Place Birth Center. The thing that initially drew me to Jennie was her being an African American Woman. I always dreamed of having a doctor that was in my image. We planned my birth and I had regular appointments. The set up was just like a regular OB clinic setting you would have never known you were at a birth center.

As I grew pregnant times began to get very hard for Anthony and I. It costs more to live in Florida than we thought. With a baby on the way and money slipping away quickly we made a decision that we had to move back to St. Louis. It broke my heart to leave Florida while I was pregnant but I had to do what I had to do. The cost of living in Florida was way more than what we were use to. So I moved back home and packed away my home birth idea.

I eventually had my daughter Abayomi Simone Smith on January 29, 2009 at Gateway Medical Hospital in Granite City Illinois by Dr. Wasserman. I had no complaints about this hospital. The only thing that I hated was being induced. They broke my water but I still had my daughter natural and unmediated. I held the idea of a home birth in the back of mind for so long because my heart still found it's way to Jennie Joseph and the way they birth babies in Florida. In Missouri from year 2009 until I had my son Akin in 2011 I researched and researched home birth in Missouri I couldn't really find to much information on the subject for Missouri. I had my son in St. Louis Missouri at Barnes Jewish Hospital natural and unmediated but because I fought so much to have him natural and unmediated they gave me a very hard time in the hospital. They made my hospital visit rough forcing procedures on my son that I didn't want so on and so on. I told myself If I were to get pregnant again I would never go through the hospital system again. Although I had my children as natural as it gets in the hospital I had to fight to hard. They want to give you this and they want to give you that. They want you to sign this and they want you to sign that. They make you feel inferior to their degrees and when it feels wrong. I can honestly say I'd chose hospital harassment over a horrific home birth any day. I will take the risk at the hospital any day than the risk at home. When the scenario plays out over and over again. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Women talk about the risk with hospital births and the accidents that happen there and I do agree things do happen to people but at least you have the dignity to be somewhere where officials can try to help then to be at home when it all goes wrong and now your forced to get to the officials that you were trying to stay away from in the first place. Most women birth at home because they don't want to go through an assembly line of interventions and neither do I but if at the end of the day your have a fair equal chance of having a healthy live baby then why not?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Interview Questionair for Midwife

More questions can be added at anytime but generally you can make a great decision based on the responses and body language from these questions. Some of the steps involve following through.

Here are some questions (in no particular order)

What school did you attend?
Do you carry insurance?
How many infant deaths do you hold?
Are you currently sanctioned?
How many infant injuries do you hold?
How many live births do you hold?
How many singleton births have you attended?
How many multiples births have you attended?
How many water births have you attended?
Have you been late to any deliveries?
If so, by how many minutes?
Where do you live?
How many of your own children did you birth at home?
Do you have a lawyer?
Have you ever been sued while licensed?
How long does it take you to get to a birth when in labor?
What hospital are you partnered with?
What doctor are you assigned/partnered with?
Do you have a office? Where is it located?
How long have you been a CPM, LM, CNM, or CM?
What year did you obtain your license?
Who are your partner midwives "the help"?
Informed Consent Disclosure
Make sure midwife does not have a criminal history
Check with NARM and make sure midwife is licensed before you proceed
Discuss possible emergencies that would involve a transfer?
Where is the transfer hospital?
Who will be the OB that will care for you during a transfer?
Talk about all the risk even possibilities of infant death?
Talk about Grievance Forms
Make sure midwife works with a local lab
Go to at least one birth of another client of the midwife
Ask midwife to provide license
Emergency plan?

Research the midwife and then make an informed decision. When all of these items check out still be extra cautious. Midwife should live very close to you during your pregnancy. You never know when your labor starts how long it will last.

The reason that I say be cautious is because midwives work together. You can indeed ask the midwives all of the following question and some may not be completely honest with you. I know it's cruel to say but midwives work together to hide deaths if you let them. That's the gamble with birthing at home it kind of comes with the territory. The best advice is to find a midwife that you have met from word of mouth. A midwife that has birth people that you know personally. If you can do that then I would pass on the home birth.

Try to find reviews about the midwife that you choose. Sometimes when they get bad reviews they remove their membership so that they can't be found. You want to choose a midwife that has no deaths. That's a good track record.

Here is a basic code of ethics statement is intended to promote quality care for childbearing families and provide guidance for professional conduct in the practice of midwifery. Our code of ethics affirms and promotes:
  1. the intrinsic right of women to give birth as they choose.
  2. practices that enhance the health of the woman and her infant.
  3. childbirth as a normal and significant life event.
  4. the intrinsic right of parents to choose the location and attendants for the births of their children.
  5. cooperation between midwives and other professional and non-professional groups concerned with maternal and infant health.
  6. competence in midwifery practice.
  7. the discovery, encouragement, and training of midwives.
  8. continuing educational opportunities that upgrade midwifery skills.
  9. safe birth practices in all environments and cultures.
We affirm that the professional practice of midwifery includes the following ethical behaviors:
  1. Midwives should at all times maintain standards of personal conduct which reflect credit upon the profession.
  2. Midwives are accountable for their decisions and actions related to their practice of midwifery.
  3. Midwives implement quality standards of practice through peer review, accountability, grievance and continuing education.
  4. Midwives maintain a core of professional knowledge by examination of current practices and initiation of new research.
  5. Midwives participate in the education of midwifery students and the continuing education of other midwives.
  6. Midwives respect and maintain client confidentiality and protect the client's right to privacy.
  7. Midwives use professional judgment when sharing information necessary to achieve health care goals.
  8. Midwives consult and refer as necessary with other professionals, when the woman's need for care exceeds the competencies of the midwife.
  9. Midwives clarify the expectation of mutual responsibility with the client when choosing a course of action and the resulting outcome, including transfer of care.
  10. Midwives practice autonomously and affirm the value of accountability.
We believe that:
  1. competence requires responsibility in our personal and professional lives.
  2. midwifery is a unique profession, distinct from all others and determines the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to be maintained by a midwife.
  3. the practice of midwifery requires adaptation and integration of knowledge and skills into behaviors necessary to a particular context.
  4. the practice of midwifery is dynamic, not static. Rapid changes in the knowledge and skills of midwifery and related disciplines, changes in society, and changes in available health-care resources all force the definition of competence to evolve.
  5. by being competent, midwives assure their ability to contribute to the good of others and to prevent harm while also preserving their own integrity and that of the midwifery profession.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments
The Midwife from Hell

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


                                       Me and Kanoy at her Baby Shower 32 weeks pregnant
Me and Kanoy

The pictures at top are of Me and my friend Kanoy (kah-noy). There in the pictures we are both pregnant with twins .Hers twins are fraternal boys (di/di) and my twins are identical girls(mono/mono). We have been friends for a couple of years now. Her boyfriend Mike and my husband are really good friends. and we would double date often. Her and I were friends a year before she became pregnant.  Before Kanoy got pregnant she would talk about how bad she wanted to be pregnant. Me already with two children I would remind her how fulfilling my job as a mother and wife was. As time went on  Kanoy and I talked over the phone from time to time. Both of our lives became busy. She worked at a daycare center in the city and my Enrolled Agent job kept me very busy. During a visit at home  one evening Mike told my husband that Kanoy was pregnant with twins I was so shocked, TWINS! I didn't know anyone but one other woman with twins. After that evening Kanoy and I talked many nights over the phone about her twin pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant soon after Kanoy I found out I was too pregnant with twins. We couldn't believe the coincidence. As we grew together pregnant with two babies we shared our twin pregnancy together. No one could relate to either one of us except for each other. Having the same due date makes the twin circumstance even more surreal. It was scary how similar our pregnancies were. We would talk about how we envisioned our labors. We would also talk about who we wanted to be around on the birthday of our twins. We also talked about how we planned to deliver. Kanoy planned for a hospital birth for her twin boys. Her OB discussed letting her go to 37 weeks not a day past. Kanoy would call me many days and give me updates on her appointment and so would I. My appointment were more on the bland side compared to Kanoy's due to the difference of hospital and home birth setting. Her appointment were a lot more scheduled and monitored than my appointments were. She had many ultrasounds, labs, and stress test done. Many nights on the phone I discussed my home birth plans with Kanoy. She was always excited about the idea of a home birth. She always would talk about coming if she didn't have her babies before my babies.

At Kanoy's baby shower I was able to see what it was like to buy things for two babies at a time (I've never had a baby shower). So much stuff and two of everything. There were so many people who loved and cared about her. The love was in the air and the food was good. We played fun baby games( I won some). Kanoy tugged me along all night with her telling everyone I was pregnant with twins to. After the baby shower me and Kanoy hugged and rubbed bellies. Who knew when we see each other again. We did loose contact for a while. She was busy being pregnant and working at her daycare and I was so wrapped up in my job and being pregnant was truly taking a toll on me. We would text each other from time to time to check to see how everything was going. Still no babies. Kanoy was 35 weeks when I got a phone call that her water broke and she was on the way to the hospital. I was so excited. I tried to stay busy to keep my mind off of what was going on with Kanoy at the hospital. My husband and I received a phone call from Mike he was crying on the phone. My husband asked what was wrong. He told us that one of the babies wasn't breathing. I started to cry. I couldn't stop. I fell to the floor and sobbed for Kanoy. I talked to her via text message two days later. She was in the hospital recovery room. She told me that she has been hurting bad. She couldn't believe she lost her son. I asked her what happened. She told me the story. She told me she woke up to pee, she stood up and her water broke. She told me that she called 911 and then called Mike. Kanoy then told me that ambulance showed up and transferred her to her hospital. When she got admitted the first thing they did was immediately hooked her up to the machine to be monitored. 
She said the screen showed images of the babies and fetal heartbeats. She said they couldn't find a heartbeat for the second baby. She said that she started to panic and the heartbeat of the other baby began to become a problem. Crash C-section is what she said they did.

Kanoy gave birth to one living baby boy C-section, sadly, the other twin baby suffocated in the womb. She said that she wept everyday in the hospital. She told me she allowed her son to lay in the same room with her in a crib until she was ready to let him go. She told me she took pictures of both of boys together.  Kanoy told me that she cried when she held his body. "Andrea I wanted both of my babies," she said. Kanoy eventually took her live son Michael home from the hospital she told me that she made funeral arrangement for  her other son that passed. She invited me. I thought about going but apart of me couldn't go because I had never been to a funeral and I was pregnant with twins and my heart was so sad for Kanoy and Mike. Little did I know I was going to be planning a funeral for my twin daughter. Kanoy did have an autopsy done on her son. The report showed that he was deceased in her womb for 7 days. Report showed fluid in the lungs. She didn't understand why her son died if she was being monitored so much. We talk still every so often. When we do talk we always talk about how we both notice twins more than usual. We helped each other during our tragic time. We truly felt each others pain

Kanoy Fraternal Twins water breaks Hospital Birth 35weeks C-section outcome: 1 live birth 1 death
Andrea Identical Twins  water breaks Home Birth 40 weeks Vaginal outcome: 1 live birth 1 death

What I am getting at here is it seems as thought black women are given poor prenatal treatment at home and in the hospitals. Very sad. People told me that I should have went to the hospital to have my babies and I said you know your probably right. But here is a women that did the hospital thing, and it still went all bad. People always want to point out small details and explain to me  how Kanoys birth disaster and mine were completely different but in all honestly we had the same results because we were both pregnant and our caregivers were White and could care less about us or our black babies!

The Midwife From Hell

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Doctor Talks

Twin Aminah and Twin Akilah

 When I first visited with him the day after my daughter was admitted into the NICU at Cardinal Glennon Hospital St. Louis he appeared to be annoyed by my circumstances with my "Home Birth Disaster". He kind of had an arrogant attitude you can say. He shook my hand and told me it wasn't good. He told me that Aminah went to long without oxygen and resulted in a brain injury. He told me that my daughter was pretty much brain dead and the only thing keeping her alive was the machine. He said that she would never do the things that her identical sister will be able to do. He advised my husband and I that it would be in our best interest to let Aminah pass. He gave us the option to take Aminah home and let her pass at home or just take away the tubes. I refused. I wasn't ready. I was in denial. I continued to visit everyday and Dr. Havernak passed me on many occasions in the halls of the hospital, the cafeteria, and even in the NICU. He was always very brief. Sometimes he said nothing at all. On the occasions that we did talk he explained Aminah's situation as he had done many times to many mothers like me. He told me that my circumstance was unfortunate and he was sorry. Come to remember he never asked me anything about the midwife or what happened that night. He didn't care. He wanted me to hurry and make a decision. He didn't say that but I felt it. Dr. Havernak told me about this obstetrician journal that he read one time, he explained how someone did an article on good candidates for home birth. He told me that I was not a good candidate. I then was faced with reality that I made a big mistake and my daughter had to pay for it with her life.

I did so much research on home birth, talk to so many midwives, watched home birth movies, talked to women who had home birth but all of that still didn't matter. I dreamed the perfect home birth with my husband and two children there embracing a beautiful moment instead I got blood, paramedics, and no midwives. After the birth I heard nothing from either midwife. The midwives disappeared without leaving a trace. Never called, never visited the hospital, never sat down and talked about that night. Dr. Havernak described how most doctors don't like the point of midwives having that much control over births especially because of some many things that can go wrong at home. He told me it was sad but he sees so many cases like mine. When me and my husband made the decision to pull the ventilator from Aminah the doctor told us that was it was the best choice we could have made. He shook my hand and walked out of the room. I cried as I watched him walk away. My husband and I scheduled for our daughter to pass at 1pm on June 17,2013. We didn't want to see her pass. We didn't want to be stuck with an image for the rest of our life seeing our daughter gasping for air. So we decided to take a few pictures for memories with the photographer from the hospital. As the photographer was moving my daughter around for pictures with her twin sister one of the nurses unplugged the ventilator on accident. My daughter started gasping for air. The nurses were trying to cover it up but I seen what happened.

I told my husband to leave the hospital room and I asked the nurse what was happening why was she gasping for air she didn't say anything. I told them they weren't suppose to take her off the machine until 1 pm and it was clearly noon. I left the hospital room angry and upset. I then found my husband at the car of the hospital parking lot crying. His pain was so powerful that it made me cry. We just hugged each other in the parking lot while it rained over our bodies. An African woman seen us crying in the parking lot and she stopped her car and got out and wrapped her hands around both of us and cried too. She said she didn't know what was wrong but we looked like we needed a hug. The nurse from the hospital called me after 1pm and told me Aminah did indeed pass at 12:40pm. It rained all day. I think our tears made it really rain that day. The saddest day of our life.

The Midwife From Hell

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Waiting on the Midwife

Please don't let your situation ever be like my situation was. I waited to long for a midwife. I trusted my midwifes' judgment. I mean that's what I was paying her for right? To think about it I trusted her judgment to much. The night I went into labor with my daughters I was on my way home from the Blues Fest in Downtown St. Louis Missouri. My husband was driving and my two other children rode in the back seats of out family SUV. My daughter Abayomi 4 years old and son Akin 2 years old awaiting arrival of twin baby sisters Akilah and Aminah. As we continued home I begin to feel different. My lower stomach began to contract very heavily which made me grab my husbands arm and sigh in pain. As he looked over at me he said, " Oh Ohh it's time". I tell him yes. I removed my phone out of my purse and phoned my midwife Joann. She answered the phone. I told her that I was indeed having contractions. She asked me how many minutes they were apart. I replied with 5 minutes. She told me she was on her way and she would be there shortly. I made it to the upstairs of my apartment when the contractions made me drop to the floor. At this point all I'm trying to do is manage through my contractions until the midwife  arrives.

Time did pass and my husband continued to call Joann she answered every phone call. It was after the 3rd phone calls when we realized she was far. My husband yelled on the phone, "THIS IS NOT HOW THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE HAPPENING JOANN, I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO BIRTH THESE BABIES!" Joann said that she was sending back up. She said she was sending a midwife by the name of Jennifer. When my husband hung up the phone with Joann he started to panic. I walked from the bedroom into my bathroom, I felt a large bubble trying to escape down my vagina. I stepped into the bathtub and put one leg on the tub and  I felt a head.

My husband ran into the bathroom, fell to his knees and said, "Andrea that's the baby's head", he started to cry. I gave a push and my first daughter Akilah came out right into my husbands hands. He handed her to me. He called Joann on the phone she is asking did Jennifer arrive. He is yelling, "Where are you?" She said she was on the highway. At this time an hour had passed still non Joann, No midwife just me and my husband and now an unassisted childbirth on our hands. My husband let a lady by the name of Carol in my home she was Joann's assistant (not midwife) just the extra hands for the birth. (Joann introduced Carol to me as her assistant for births during prenatal visits). She came into the bathroom said that Jennifer was outside and on her way up. By now its after 10:00pm still no Joann. Still holding Akilah while trying not to tug on the cord still connected inside was hard.

Meet Jennifer Konkol CPM

If you have read My Home Birth Disaster it explains Jennifer's role in the birth. This midwife was sent by Joann because she was unable to get there on time. She was inexperienced with twins and her actions showed. On many occasions as she was shoving her hands into my vagina trying to deal with the prolapse cord I screamed in pain. It was pain that I had never experienced not even with my other two children in a regular hospital birth setting. Sometimes I think she caused the damage more than the midwife not being there because she absolutely had no idea what she was doing. After that day I never saw this midwife again. Wonder how she's doing?

Where I am getting at is don't wait to long for a midwife 15-20 minutes at the max anything can happen and believe me you don't want to end up with an unassisted child birth because these midwives will walk out your life and you will never have to deal with them again.
So If your midwife doesn't show in a timely manner have someone get you to a hospital ASAP and no one can get you to a hospital quicker than YOU. Don't even wait on the ambulance to get you there.

The Midwife From Hell

Pay Methods for Midwife

Never pay Midwife in advance. There are so many reasons why I say this. The main reason why I say this is because there will be supplies that you will have to buy along the way to prepare for a home birth and everything is going to come out of your pocket. Depending on what type of home birth you decide to have make sure that you are clear on what items are completely necessary for a home birth. Don't waste money on things that these midwives will act like you need. Remember this is a profession now and they will market pools, and many maternity items while pregnant. Its a business and all you really need is for the midwife to be at your birth.

Never let a midwife talk you into paying midwife fee upfront. This is a Red Flag. The reason why I say this is because, what if the midwife does not fulfill the duties of a midwife? Understand that there is no rush on paying. Always make sure that you keep record of what you paid for and make sure midwife signs off on receipts. Never enter into a client-midwife relationship without signing a contract. If the Midwife does not have a contract write one up protect yourself. If midwife does not have contracts this is a red flag.

Below I have provided pay methods you should talk about to your midwife. These methods will protect you in an event of a loss. My scenario I paid for services I didn't get. You don't want to pay for a midwife who doesn't show for the birth.

Protect yourself

Below are the best payment methods:

Pay as you go- This method insures that your paying for what your getting at the time of pregnancy, meaning, prenatal check up, labs, ultrasounds. Pay for these things as you go. The midwife I had did no labs and no ultrasounds.

Half and Half- This method is simple pay half of the midwife fee at the beginning of pregnancy and pay the other half on birthday. This method protects your pocket from over paying early. Don't forget you will be paying for supplies along the way.

Pay At the Birth- This method is last because the midwife will feel like she is working for free. Trusting for payment at the end from a client may be an issue for the midwife but if the midwife really loves what she does she will understand this method. (This method excludes test that have to be done from trimester to trimester)

It doesn't matter if a midwife births babies at home or in the hospital they should truly love what they do, money should not drive a midwife.


Midwives Should have to Carry Insurance


Some people are mad about this chapter of the blog because they said that I did not get their authorization from them personally to post this chapter. For all who don't know I am indeed a member of the  and I created a thread that stated "Midwives should have to carry insurance" Anyways many women commented on the thread and are now still commenting. I just wanted to share with people who are not apart of the world on what women are saying in regarding this unique situation. Some will be mad but I'm sorry these are your words and once you put them in the atmosphere your words are alive. I didn't post the entire thread just a couple pages just to get a generalization. Sorry ahead of time for whoever it offends. For whoever would like to see the entire thread please create an account with the and become a member. The thread is in the Natural Unmedicated Home Birth group. Thanks for your support. You may follow this link to the thread

Also this is what I created this is a manifestation of my thoughts and responses, and each and every woman had a choice to respond or not. Most of the women that complained don't even have profile pictures so with all that being said here it goes.

Midwives should have to carry insurance. Why should it be a choice? I had a homebirth that went so wrong. Lost my twin daughter. Midwife still delivering babies!

Woah woah woah. Mass of jumping to conclusions and erroneous information. I NEVER said that the midwife had an excuse. In fact, in my second post I said the midwife failed. YOU have decided that I am looking to solely blame you and you are lashing out. I am merely pointing out that your birth timeline is a freak occurance. If you had been at home and called the hospital they would have told you to make your way in and you may not have made it then either. You are blaming the midwife for not making it to your side with her amazing teleportation abilities. And cord prolapse did NOT happen because she wasn't there. That is bullshit. It happened and there were treatments that MIGHT have saved the baby. But to blame her because she wasn't there 45 minutes after you called is extreme considering most first time moms labor for HOURS during active labor. Hell, transition alone can last an hour and a lot of first timers push for an hour alone. I blame your midwife for taking on a twin birth out of a hospital. That was a faulty move. And it looks like she was handling the entire situation horribly. But even you said that your friends and family were concerned that you were attempting this so you had to know it was a risk. Did you interview a lot of midwives? Did no one tell you this was potentially dangerous?

I don't think anyone is making excuses for the midwife, the midwife probably shouldn't have taken you on as a client and would've had better backup. But when you choose someone and know certain factors (like how far away they live) and then get upset because those factors played into a devastating outcome, I don't think that's entirely fair. You didn't know it was going to be such a short labor and neither did she. How can you blame her if she lives 2 hrs away and the time between when you called her and when she got there was 2 hours?

I may be wrong but aren't twins in the same amniotic sac at an additional risk (higher than twins in two separate sacs)?  I am so sorry Andrea.  My heart absolutely breaks for you and your family.  You are totally doing the right thing in outing this negligent midwife and standing for better regulations of midwifery and home birth.

Posted 13 hrs ago
I don't know all of your story, OP, so I won't comment on it. But I do want to say that I am very, very sorry for the loss of your daughter. No matter what circumstances under which it happened, you've lost a child, and I'm really sorry about that for you.
I would consider my state to have good laws concerning midwifery care and birthing at home, but I know this is not true for all states. That's a shame.

Posted 13 hrs ago
I really just can't understand people who say that they 'are against home birth' because a baby died. Is it just as logical to say that I am against hospital birth because I know a baby who died during one?

andreamcgh · you!
Posted 13 hrs ago
What are you talking about? I was for home birth until I hired a midwife that did not show up to my birth!
I think that's a valid reason. Sorry you haven't lost a infant to understand what its like to loose a infant at home opposed to a hospital

Posted 13 hrs ago
People really put you under a microscope when you decide to have children at home anyway and to loose one at home is worst.
Most told me that if I would have decided to have my twins at the hospital they would have been able to do an emergency c-section

andreamcgh · you!
Posted 13 hrs ago
+ I would have rather been at a hospital then at home by myself unassisted child birth with twins. I'm just saying

Posted 13 hrs ago
You are angry and in pain for having to experience a horrific tragedy. But the fault is localized to you and the midwife, not the concept of home birth. The midwife failed you and you made the choice to have a home birth knowing that twins are a default to high risk. You are attacking the entire profession and that isn't fair.
Posted 12 hrs ago
ok sure

OP I'm sorry for the insensitive comments above. I have seen it a lot when women want to protect the midwife or home birth and blame the mother instead... As if a mother should be held accountable and not the professional she hired to look out for her best interests.

Most people don't know how crappy our home birth midwifery system is here in the US until something goes wrong at their own home birth. Only after a loss do moms figure out the truth... They find out that even a negligent midwife faces no consequences. They find out that their midwife might even have other preventable losses while under her care that they never knew about (bc those things are not a matter of public record for a home birth midwife). They find out they have to pay for a funeral with no option of a lawsuit seeking financial help bc the midwife has no insurance (this is especially a financial burden for families who are left paying for lifelong medical assistance for their mentally and/or physically birth injured baby). Those who were high risk find out that their serious high risk situation was brushed off as a "variation of normal." They find out all these other things they once believed are not actually true: that home birth is just as safe if not safer than hospital birth (while this *may* be true in some countries, it is not true in the US), that "trusting birth" will keep a mother and her child safe, that home birth midwives (or even paramedics) are just as capable of handling emergencies as a team of nurses and hospital CNMs and doctors in a hospital, etc etc.

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Nothing says pass the buck like blaming those who point out accountability instead of seeing all points of view. I flat out said the midwife failed her. She clearly wasn't equiped to deal with a twins delivery and she didn't make it to the birth.... you know, the one that happened 45 minutes after the mother called her. She was also negligent in her follow up. But there is a wealth of information on the internet for the inherent dangers of multiple birth delivery and choosing to have a home birth inspite of the information IS a choice and you need to accept the risk.
Your still missing the point.

andreamcgh · you!
The midwife was not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your still saying I was aware of the risk and indeed I was but I never in a million years knew that the midwife would not show up.
Come on. If your birthing babies at home you have to be on time. Now if I would have had the same outcome and she would have been there then there probably wouldn't be an Outreach Warning Mothers because that's what I'm doing. Stop fighting against the awareness that is trying to be spread to inform other mothers about the risk. I'm trying to spread life not death or at least help a mother make an educated decision. Wish I had someone doing this for me while I was pregnant. But when your pregnant your not really focused on what can go wrong.
So a mother should trust her Google searches and not what her midwife tells her??!

Most women who choose home birth with a midwife trust their midwife to a very powerful, intimate degree. This midwife is at fault but the whole system is at fault bc this midwife will face NO consequences! How does any woman know if her home birth midwife is not like the OPs midwife?? How does any woman know if she is high risk if her midwife assures her she is not??
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I guess I approach child birth differently. I was VERY aware of what could go wrong from the moment of conception till post partum. I knew that having my child at the birth center meant that in the case that I needed a very rare emergency c section that me or the baby may not survive. I acknowledged that risk and took it.

OP - even if your midwife were there, in the case of a prolapsed cord all she would have been able to do is get you to a hospital ASAP. It is one of those complications that if they happen outside the hospital, all a midwife can do is offer help to act as a temporary bandaid until you can get into an OR. A prolapsed cord at home will likely mean death or neurological injury for a baby, no matter how well-skilled a midwife may be. She should have explained the risks to you. Sharing the clear risks are a part of informed consent. Cord prolapse and placental abruption are huge risks with twins and that is why they are delivered in ORs in the hospital. I'm so sorry you were lied to.
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So we should completely trust the midwife no questions asked but when women are bullied and harrassed in the hospital environment then we blame them for not knowing their rights? Love the double standard.
I did not say an any of my posts that the midwife system is without faults. I believe that the system needs an overhaul. But that is the SYSTEM, not the practice of midwifery or homebirth. I was specifically saying that homebirth should not be outed as an option for women because some experience loss. It happens in all environments and we as a society need to accept that as humans we will always have errors in choices and actions.

OP- I'm very sorry for your loss.  That must be heartbreaking.
I am planning a home birth in a few weeks and I feel well educated about the risks involved.  I have weighed them against the risk of delivery in a hospital (and yes there are risks there as well) and I have made a choice.  It's not risk free. I realize something could happen.  But if it does I won't attack the entire profession of midwifery or the choice for home birth.  I'm owning it.  Giving birth is not risk free no matter how healthy you are.  My midwives do not deliver twins at home. If I had been pregnant with twins I wouldn't be having a homebirth either. However...I understand why some twin mamas decide that's what's best for them.  
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I only read your first paragraph so far in your latest response, Blackheadedwitch, but who said anything about blaming women who were bullied in a hospital??
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And who said anything about home birth being outed as an option? She said she is against home birth now and you said you didn't understand why. I don't think it should be illegal but changes definitely need to be made for regulation and protecting families in the event of a loss. The regulations should protect the mothers and babies. But they don't. They protect the midwife.
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 The regulations should protect the mothers and babies. But they don't. They protect the midwife.
In the US, this depends on the state. I, personally, do NOT feel that homebirth is, across the board, less safe than a hospital birth. I do think a distinction needs to be made between various modes of midwifery and the kind of training, licensing, and oversight they receive, because these can vary dramatically. And they do vary by state here in the US. Here in CA, I would (and did) feel quite comfortable planning a homebirth with midwives. In other states, I would not have.
Again, OP, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Yes, midiwves should be required to carry malpractice insurance, and if they are found to be practicing without insurance they should be prosecuted. Why? Because of accountability. Lay midwives and CPM's aren't required to meet the basic educational standards that undergraduates master. They are a danger to women and babies, they take on high risk clients for their own financial gain, and if a problem occurs they face no consequences. Massage therapists and hair dressers are bound by more stringent educational requirements. OP, I've read your story and am appalled.  I wish your "midwife" had insurance that forced to be accountable, because obviously she hasn't wasted her time on personal accountability. She discredits her profession, and I'm so sorry your family has had to suffer for her lack of ethics.
I'm really failing to see how the midwife was at fault here, unless she was truly negligent as to why she didn't show i.e. didn't come when called, purposefully came late etc.. Even still had she been there as a PP stated, not much she could have done. There ARE inherent risks with home births and we as parents have to accept those risks when we choose to birth outside of a hospital.In your pain for your horrific loss, I don't see how lashing out at the midwife will help.
I also complete disagree with PPs statement about lay midwives and CPMs... One not need to be a CNM to be a legitimate home birth midwife. I hate to see a few bad eggs ruin it for all... Let me tell you my CPM is far better than the CNM & 2 OB's I had previously. Women need to be educated in seeking their care giver no matter their credentials. I wouldn't hire a crack pot OB with all the schooling and insurance backing them just as I wouldn't hire a lay midwife who was incompetent. I'd really hate to see too much regulation placed on home births. Many choose home births to get away from all the rules and protocol. If rules and regulation are what you seek, birth in the hospital and leave the home birth arena alone.
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What are you talking about

andreamcgh ·       
Let me do my Job and you do yours okay. My job now is to educate women on home birth and midwives criteria and so on.

Educate them how? Because you had a natural accident that occurs with labor? Because you chose to take a higher risk pregnancy & birth at home? Because you also chose not to go to hosp with delivery iminent and no professional assistance there to help so you went unassisted which is even more dangerous?
Most who choose home birth are very educated and would not have taken the risks you did.
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Well, having the correct equipment when she finally showed up would have helped. I read the OPs story this morning, and it is absolutely horrific. Not being there for the labor/birth is only a small part of that midwife's incompetence.

Andrea, I am so sorry for the loss of your darling Aminah. Thank you for speaking out. I know that haters like annasrobbie staceyon#3 and blackheadedwitch will keep attacking you because they don't like what you have to say, but it is important for us all to hear it.

"One not need to be a CNM to be a legitimate home birth midwife. "

And that's fine, I suppose. I don't agree. I think earning hospital privileges in the event of a transfer benefits mothers and babies. But it is very confusing, all the different types of midwives. For women who are given several studies to read to prove to them that "home birth is just as safe as hospital birth" they need to know that those studies are from different countries where they have different systems and different midwives.... midwives that have a training and education similar to a CNM, *not* a CPM. Studies from different countries do not reflect home birth in the US. It is completely different here.

Homebirth in the US with a CPM has been shown to have a much higher risk of death or serious neurological injury for babies than hospital birth in the US. As it becomes more and more popular to have a home birth, more studies based on home births here in the US keep coming out. And they keep showing the same thing.

For women who acknowledge this and still want a home birth, so be it. I don't think it should be illegal. But not a lot of women fully understand the risks. Then the worst happens and they are completely blindsided.
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Why didnt u delivery in hospital if u was having twin bec of all things that could go wrong I pray for gives u peace

I'd like to read OPs full story.  Where can I find that?  I will say I know very little about anything other than CNMs as that's all I've ever considered.  My 2 CNM's have hospital privileges in the event I need to deliver in the hospital and our closest hospital is less than 5 minutes away.  
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areawoman1 - Calling me a hater because I don't think that ONE person's experience warrants condeming an entire field of birth is like saying that you are a bully for a line item in your post. Stop being a drama queen.
Staceyon#3 - she was waiting at home for her midwife. Her midwife was two hours away and sent a backup midwife who was not experienced in twins which was ridiculous.... Her midwife should have told her to go to the hospital or call 911. Her midwife decided to play Russian Roulette without OP knowing - not just regarding the actual birth but yes including the birth that she was unable to make it to. But nothing to lose for the midwife!! Still practicing. Hopefully she isn't YOUR midwife!

Hopefully your midwife doesn't brush off high risk situations! Hopefully your midwife hasn't lost any babies due to her own negligence! You would never know the difference bc your midwife certainly has no obligation to share any losses with you and there is no way to look up if she has. One midwife who recently lost a baby at a home birth was working as a midwife using a FAKE NAME so that her clients couldn't do internet searches on her!! Women have no idea what a CPM or LM or lay midwife's track record is bc there is no way to know!! MANA and NARM don't care about accountability or babies that have injured or that died. They care about protecting home birth at all costs. A midwife certainly isn't going to give the names of clients to call for references if their babies died. And clearly you are ok with all of this bc you want the "home birth arena" to be left alone.

The system is FLAWED and whether you like it or not, people are fighting for changes to be made.
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Dear OP:

Keep telling your story. I'm so, so, so sorry this happened to you and your family. And by the callous remarks made in response to your story, empathy seems to be in short supply.
Your story needs to be heard - over and over and over again. So good to see your strength. Keep speaking. Don't back down. This is not an isolated incident - it is a system of belief that pervades the OOH midwifery community - that "twins are just a variation of normal" and that they can be promoted as safe for home birth.
For some, yes, a twin home birth can be result in two healthy, living babies. For others - and I would say for TOO MANY - twin births at home are not safe. And one baby dying a preventable death is one too many. It is deplorable that others would shrug this off as a 'natural occurance'.
I stand by you. I wish I didn't have to. I wish you had your twins with you and that this was not a fight you were standing up and fighting. But I want to support you. Your story needs to be heard.

It is also important to point out that she called her midwife for the first time at 8:45pm and the first baby was born around 9:30pm. Even if her midwife was less than 30 minutes away she may or may not would have made it for the first birth. I am surprised that she isn't pointing this out since it is practically a stastical anomaly.

If the midwife operated by professional standards or if she cared a rat's behind about the lives of those twins, she would have made better professional decisions that could have improved the outcome in this circumstance.
No, the midwife - ahem - the PROFESSIONAL midwife - should not be able to evade responsibility for this outcome.
And yes, midwives, professional midwives, should be mandated to carry malpractice insurance.
OP, I'm going to repeat it until I'm blue in the face:
I am so, so sorry this happened to you. This midwife failed you. Midwifery failed you.

Good for you!!! If you need some help, here is a link of women that have either gone throught the same thing, or believe in the same cause. ((((hugs)))) Tara It's a closed group, but just ask to join and you will be welcomed with open arms.

Ahhh, but the problem arises that it is NOT one experience. It is an experience that is sadly repeated over and over again because uneducated and under-educated care providers call themselves midwives and encourage women to "trust birth." People like the OP are encouraged to have high risk births at home by these so-called experts, and it often ends in tragedy. It's just another variation of normal, right? If she had come on baby center and mentioned that her OB wanted to perform a cesarean section at 39 weeks because she was carrying twins, she would have been roundly chastised for being SO UNEDUCATED, but both her babies would have been alive. As it stands, because of the outcome, here she is being told to shut up and that things would have been different if she educated herself. It's disgusting that she and all these other mothers who listened to the "trust birth" yahoos are treated this way by the exact same group after they experience a loss.

Because her midwife neglected to mention that she was a high risk pregnancy. Because the midwife failed in her ethical duty to provide informed consent.  Any professional should appropriately warn a client about the risks before taking them on. It's called ethics and scope of practice. Her midwife was grossly negligent.

Ah, but it's not one person's experience.  I read devastatingly sad birth story like this almost every day.  Andrea, you are not alone.

My midwife was called two days prior than that day I just chose not to mention that because I felt it was irrelevant. Let's not start nit picking on times to try to bring my story to a halt.

Regardless of time I was in labor my times can only by off 15 -30 minutes either way she was contacted and my daughter Aminah report shows born she was born around 10:30. Joann still was not there.

My daughter was born and my husband assisted me while I stood in the shower standing up. He caught my baby NO midwife. WHY would I neglect to call my midwife if I was having contractions.

Your picking. Believe me baby this story is very True. Times may vary a little but not much.

Bottom line midwife was too late. Aminah arrived around 10:30. Still no Joann but I did have an inexperienced midwife as a substitute

But your midwife practices out of Cape Girardeau, yes? Wasn't it known that there was to be a lot of travel time?
I'm sorry you went through that–I can't imagine.

All my appointments were here in my local city. She advised me to call when contraction were 5 minutes apart. We met at different homes and at Hotels in conference rooms until about 33 weeks when she started doing home visits. I met with her all that time never had a doubt in my mind that the night of my birth she would arrive after my babies were born. I guess that's part of the Game. Most of her clients were in the city of St. Louis, MO as well. I meet and talked with another woman that was pregnant with twins also that was birthing with Joann. So broncosoccer11 I thought it was safe when I confirmed she had other clients in my area

OP- please a link to your story.  Is there a previous post?
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I don't want to keep describing every single detail that doesn't match up with someones brain my birth story is out and I'm speaking out about the midwife system because my birth went all wrong bottom line and I would like to give a mother unfamiliar with with the risk the full picture. Yes it can go right but it can also go so wrong. Keep birthing at home just know your midwife

Midwife System needs healing. When its healed is when I will birth at home again.

I was not even remotely saying your story wasn't true. I was suggesting that the speed at which they were born was a huge problem in the birth. Most women who have such short labors end up with unassisted births.

Its important to know how many deaths a Midwife carries. The interview process is bland. You need a place to go to where you can pull names and make judgement on numbers and statistics. Taking someones word is not good enough. I wonder if most midwives would still be midwives if they weren't getting paid.

Money makes people do crazy things.

andreamcgh · you!
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Blackheadedwitch Time is vital in a birth!!!!!! Your still making excuses for the midwife. Midwife needs to be at home like when an ambulance is called within a resonable time. 15-20 mins at the most.

And one baby dying a preventable death is one too many. It is deplorable that others would shrug this off as a 'natural occurance'.

First of all, I think everyone here is sympathetic to the OP's horrible loss (I have friends who lost their first son after a homebirth, and I know it's an unbelievably devastating experience). With a new baby myself, I can't even imagine... But, the fact is that deaths (of the mother or the child) can happen as part of birth. I don't think anyone can say for sure without being privy to all the conversations that happened ahead of time who's at fault, but from what we've heard here, it does sound like this midwife showed bad judgement.
But as far as the quote above, how do you define "preventable"? It's a lot easier to know the right course of action with hindsight.  Depending on the model of care (in terms of more or less intervention), different situations may have a different outcome. A c-section may well have had a better outcome in this case, but it's a procedure with its own risks to the mother and child.
Generally, by using the midwife model of care, especially outside of a medical setting, you're requesting an approach that is less interventionist. In some cases, that may result in better outcomes, and in other cases, worse. It's not simple arithmetic -- C-sections come with their own set of risks. Ultimately, by choosing a non-mainstream way to give birth, it's important to educate yourself about those risks and benefits and make informed decisions.

Ringler - she linked it in an earlier post on this thread.
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My cord was prolapse because I didn't have assistance birthing. I was trying to support my live daughter in my arms while standing up umbilical cord was still connected to placenta inside me. My twins were in the same sac. So me not having proper assistance birthing caused my daughters death.

What sort of a midwife was she?  I didn't see that mentioned.  It was certainly negligent of her to send someone inexperienced with twin delivery.  If she didn't have someone as a back up with as much experience as her she shouldn't have traveled so far from you when you were 39 weeks and obviously could have delivered at any second.  There was definitely negligence there.  
Anyway, again I am so sorry for your loss.  I share a birthday with your sweet girls.  I hope your story will help another mother not go through what you did.
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