Friday, January 31, 2014

The Nerve of the Midwife

A month ago I submitted a release of medical records to Joann Falcon. I was requesting to see a copy of my medical records and the statement of the incident on the day my twins were born so that I may prepare myself for the Grievance meeting. You know analyze the statement and basically see her take of that day. Just the other day I received a letter from Joann's Midwife Lawyer Bobbi Moon that I am to pay for the medical records. PAY? PAY FOR WHAT? I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO GIVE HER ANOTHER DIME.  The lawyer discussed the fee in the letter. She stated that the rest of the documents requested like the incident report is for Joann's personal records only and they will not be released. Bobbi Moon also informed me that I am not to have any further contact with Joann and to make all further inquires to her "Attorney Bobbi Moon"

So I said to myself this midwife is going to make me pay to receive my medical records as if I haven't paid enough. This is just down right a taste of how nasty these midwives can get when it comes to ethics. I mean how are you going to charge a mother that has lost a child because of improper information on behalf of her occupation. Don't get me wrong many people tell me that I had a choice to call the ambulance early on when I realized that the midwife was on her way but when your in labor and everything is going on your not really thinking that your home birth is going to go wrong. The whole reason why your chose home birth in the first place is to experience birth outside of a hospital. So to answer all the questions that I get about making the decision on behalf of my self I lacked. I do agree. I trusted a complete stranger who gave herself a midwife title. I was naive. I had to pay the cost. My daughter had to pay the cost, my family had to pay the cost.

I trusted the midwife to have my best interest and the best interest of  my babies and that is what I am guilty of. Now because I am airing out her name she wants to be nasty. That's okay I hope my twin daughter haunts you everyday of your fucking miserable life. Fucking cunt!

Now that I have gotten that all off my chest I would like to say that the other midwife that she called to show up didn't have a problem at all sending me an incident report so why is the original midwife making me pay for a report. See I feel like its a game that she is playing now. She is seeing how far she can take it. She feels as though I am ruining her business but I'm thinking to myself how can I ruin your business if your truly a good midwife. The problem is that she doesn't want me to tell women about what she did. She doesn't like me telling other women that she did not show up for my birth but I mean GOSH  its the freaking truth JOANN, YOU DIDN'T SHOW UP! YOU WERE TOO LATE and instead of telling me when I originally called that you were going to be 2 1/2 hours away and to go to the hospital you will meet me there you told me to go home and you were on the your way and you were going to send someone. Then your telling midwives that it was my choice to not call 911. So......................................
I just gave myself a head ache. The games the games disgusting. They will do anything to try to make it seem as if the mother had options and choices. Don't let these midwives guide you.

This midwife drove the car and I was in the backseat. That's what women are paying for when they choose home birth they are choosing someone to drive the car because they don't have the adequate knowledge on home birth and birthing babies. Midwives are so good for blaming the mother when things go wrong but the person that led the horse astray is just as guilty.

I feel into her trap but no more mother have to for the sake of home birth and for Aminah.

Thanks for listening

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Midwife Court System

Each state of midwives have developed a grievance board which is a midwife court system. If you have a complaint about a specific midwife you have to move forward on a written complaint. The board consist of CPM's of the state (most of the time the midwife in charge is whoever NARM appoints to run the state). Each state consist of a Midwife Association and every midwife from the state reports to the MMA when there is an issue or a complaint in process. Because NARM can not physically be in all states at one time they run their organization this way.

When a family has a complaint it doesn't matter what the complaint is you have to PUT IT IN WRITING. First you will have to email the midwife association and advise them that you have a complaint against a midwife. They will then send you documents in the mail. In the documents will be a letter stating what the grievance board is and what their role is. The association will provide you with a complaint form and advise you to file the complaint in a timely manner.

In the stack of documents you will have to name the midwives that the complaint is about. You must also advise the midwife association of the compliance, codes, and ethics that the midwife has broken during prenatal care.

After the complaint is filed the President of the grievance board will contact you. "This is not a quick process a complaint will take a  minimum of a year to file. See the midwives take their time when their are charges brought up on midwives in the association. They stall. They will play a nasty game in every way possible to slow up the process. They will pretend that they did not receive documents. Send nothing by email and only send things certified mail that they must sign for. It will cost you but it will indeed save you a little time. DON'T GIVE UP!

Midwives get scared when a complaint has been filed or if your midwife is anything like Joann Falcon she will run to a midwife attorney. In my case I  had a lawyer but when they find out that midwives don't have to carry malpractice insurance they realized there was no money that they could get out of the deal they decided they don't want to represent my husband and I (it was a pure waste of time for them).

I also would like to say your midwife has copies of your medical files, documents, and forms that were signed during care (you are entitled to see these before the grievance meeting). Reviewing what went on during the prenatal is vital for you and your family especially before telling a complaint in person.

The midwife association will do all their contact with you via phone, email, and regular mail. This technique is very sad but its the way that they get all  medical documents and authorization. You can imagine it taking about a good year to even file a complaint but when you file a complaint who is receiving all of this information.


I know you were probably thinking maybe some type of government official or even the city of which you live. NO NO NO. See that is where the problem stands. The midwives are in control of everything. They have their own lawyers and the midwife associations and no one is governing them. They don't have to release death records. The only way that women know about the deaths of home birth is if women like me decide to tell their story. Believe me not every woman deciding to go with a home birth is going to research home birth disasters at the beginning of their pregnancies or anytime during their pregnancy at that.


The grievance process is their court system. Once all the appropriate information has been filed with the Midwife Association of your state they will give you a date. On this day you will discuss the written complaint in person. The midwives involved are there, NARM on conference call, and a room full of midwife peers.

Basically this is how it works:
1. Show up at a location
2. Introduce yourself
3. Speak your complaint to the midwives in the room
4. They ask you questions
5. You leave
6. The midwives come in tell their side of the story
7. The president ask question
8. The midwives leave
9. The midwife peers discuss everything at the meeting that day
10.NARM and the Midwife Association discuss midwife and actions and determine if they midwife should lose her license, get more training, or work along side a more qualified CPM. Either way you will have to wait on the decision and be happy with whatever the outcome is.


This is a dangerous game with no Oversight.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

License to Kill

I know that this may seem far fetched to some but in all reality this chapter of the blog,"License to Kill"  is very real. Any midwife in any state can have a License to Kill.
Licence to kill is the official sanction by a government or government agency to a particular operative or employee to initiate the use of lethal force in the delivery of their objectives, well known as a literary device used in espionage fiction. The initiation of lethal force is in comparison to the use of lethal force in self-defense or the protection of life.

Think about it these midwives have the power to kill babies and not have to bare any consequences. I'm starting to think that maybe CPM's are apart of some type government population control agenda. Why I say this is because I have spoken with a lot of powerful people in Congress. I spoken with congressmen and women, relations and counsel women and men, attorneys and DA. They all say that this idea with midwives being criminally negligent is new and they all hint all the time that they don't know how to approach cases like mine (which is really a reality for many women and families I just decided to speak out about my tragedy).

If more babies die at home than in the hospital why must we prove it? Aren't the birth stories enough. I guess the officials at the top have to care about it enough to look into it to even realize that a lot of families have been affected by midwives and the home birth idea. Why continue to allow the midwife professional to thrive when babies and mothers are dying or really close to death for the sake of home birth  What I am getting at is that the government well understands that babies born at home have a greater chance of death or birth injuries and they are okay with that idea. How can you expect positive results with no oversight of the midwifery profession. This is so disgusting to me I don't want to even talk to another government official or interest group. These interest groups are so amusing to me because they are so interested in the idea of home birth and where it goes wrong and they really don't have the a bit of idea because they weren't in the moment. All that research is bullshit. Try being in the moment when it all goes wrong.

A home birth tragedy image is indeed something that will never go away. Knowing that you could have saved your baby if you would not have believed the home birth hype is shockingly a testimony in itself with NO FILTER for any mother who needs a little guidance in the right path.  Your midwife has a license to kill. I challenge all home birthing moms to  ask your midwife how many babies has she killed at home because of improper training maybe she wont admit it at first but tell her to dig deep in her closet of skeletons and pull out a number because every midwife has a number don't let them tell you they don't. Ask your midwife how many babies that she knows of now have to live with permanent birth defects reminding them of that one night when everything went entirely wrong.

The scary thing about home birth is that its just like everything else in the world, "An idea, a culture, a religion, an act of knowledge, a rite of passage, a revolutionary act" whatever else you may want to call it. Home birth is dangerous and most of these midwives are dangerous also. I don't have a problem with midwives who work very closely with physicians. That's not a problem. Mothers need to worry about the midwives who talk so bad about hospitals and interventions. If your midwife is bad mouthing ultrasounds, labs, screening, or any doctor consultation meeting that is definitely a red flag that she is gambler with life.

Most of these midwives out here will sell you a dream of this peaceful home birth and they will never inform you of the risk because they do not want to jeopardize a paid home birth for a safe hospital birth. These midwives want to sell you birthing pools, herbs, books, movies, and the idea that she knows everything about birth but indeed you can not for see a disaster I don't care how good of a midwife you think you are.

So what are the midwives bringing to the table other than death and birth injuries? Heartache and a salty taste of  home birth in America. Is the government apart of this population control idea? Are they aware that these midwives indeed do have licenses to kill or do they think that if a women is dumb enough to have babies at home then they should be able to deal with the consequences of a negative outcome but in all reality I am informing women of the the trap that has been presented in front of them.

Don't believe the hype about home birth!
Your midwife may have a license to kill

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I've Been Hoodwinked By Midwives

Home birth took one of my children. I am no longer sad about it, I'M ANGRY. I am angry because MORE BABIES will die all in the name of home birth. These midwives can be dangerous. They are floating around all over these states and they are free to do whatever they want (even get away with murder). I was tricked into home birth and I am sad to say that I was silly and naive to trust a "WHITE WOMAN" to birth my twin baby girls. I should have took my luck in the hospital, although I know that the medical system is discriminatory passive with black women and babies also (past experiences prove this statement). My quality of care was undeniably careless but when I was pregnant the way I was treated by the midwife, I thought came along with home birth. I was sold the idea of home birth was non-medicated and in a natural atmosphere. I automatically assumed a midwife was a not just an extra hand in birth but a  natural teacher, herbalist, and nurse. I figured that if a woman dedicated her life to delivering babies I assumed that she was devoted to the calling of midwifery

This home birth game is dangerous, very dangerous and I'm trying to warn women. There are some good midwives out there but there are also some midwives that have been hired by the devil to kill babies. I know its hard to believe but this is the truth. Some of these midwives don't have children and their jealousy reeks and they will sabotage your home birth in the name of jealousy. BE AWARE PLEASE.

These midwives Joann Falcon and Jennifer Konkol are dangerous let me tell you why. I'm bout to expose these midwives because my Attorney can no longer assist me nor NARM or the prosecuting attorney of my state. They have all told me there is nothing they can do for me

Joann Falcon

Relatives:Andrew S Falcon, Lauro A Falcon, Richard R Falcon

Current Address: Sandoval, IL 62882-2403

Previous Addresses:
 Centralia, IL 62801-3102
 Cape Girardeau, MO 63703-7876

Other Service Providers Midwife

Provider NPI: 1235419359
Provider Information:
Gender: F
Sole Proprietor

Practice Location:
Tel: 618-292-4732  Fax: --
Business Mailing Address:
Tel: 618-292-4732  Fax: --
NPI Information:
NPI: 1235419359

Jennifer Ann Konkol

Relatives:Eric M Konkol
Current Address:
, Alton, IL 62002-4401

Previous Addresses:
, Altn, IL 62002-2433
, Normal, IL 61761-2602
, Lake Villa, IL 60046-8406

Provider NPI: 1336456409
Provider Information:
Gender: F
Sole Proprietor

Practice Location:
3271 ROGER PL  SAINT LOUIS, MO 63116-3838 US
Tel: 618-610-4777  Fax: 618-462-0603
Business Mailing Address:
3006 ALBY ST  ALTON, IL 62002-4401 US
Tel: 618-610-4777  Fax: 618-462-0603
NPI Information:
NPI: 1336456409
Entity Type: Individual
Mrs. Jennifer Ann Konkol CPM, CLC, BSW
3271 Roger Pl
Saint Louis, MO 63116


Here is my problem with this situation. I never knew exactly where my midwife truly lived. She told me that she was living in Cape at the time. She would tell me that she stays with people in St. Louis from time to time and often because she attends births in St. Louis and she likes to be close. After my home birth disaster I find out that she lives in Illinois really. I started to ponder to myself, "Why would a person gamble with time like that". Why would a midwife just not deliver babies in the State in which she lives? I started to research information on Illinois Midwifery Law. I find out that it's illegal for CPM to attend a birth at home. CPM are disgustingly home birthing women in the next state over Missouri because it is illegal to birth babies at home in their own state!

So they will gamble time all in the name of home birth. This midwife Joann sets up a business address in Missouri but you live in Illinois. NARM  is saying this is ok. But why? Why would you allow a midwife to deliver babies miles and hours away, why put babies and women's lives on the line all in the name of home birth. How can a midwife judge a babies entrance into the world. YOU CAN'T. If its going to take you 3 hours to get to a pregnant client that is way to long. Why risk an unassisted child birth that could possibly result not only in just death but long term birth defects.

Jennifer Konkol is another Midwife who is doing the same thing as Joann Falcon. She lives in Illinois but she is birthing babies in Missouri because attending home births in her state is illegal. This is very, very sad. A lot of women feel as though the surrounding areas is okay for a midwife to work but what if your midwife has births stacked on top of each other or she is far and you go into labor and she tells you to go home and wait then your waiting turns into an unassisted childbirth there is no turning back.
The Midwife From Hell

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Fight for Justice

I know I told myself that I would not give up on this fight for my daughter Aminah. I fought for her when she was in the hospital severely brain damaged also. Even when everyone around me was telling that the situation was bad I still had some type of hope as I do now. Now I see how most women that have been affected by a midwife's incompetence and neglect stay hidden and don't come out because look at all the obstacles that a person must jump through to get someone to first pay attention, let alone care about the incident. This is such a sad case and the fight is getting a little overwhelming. This fight is consuming most of days. I guess its a part of me that doesn't want to let my Aminah go. After my daughter passed my mother told me to not go after people don't talk about it just let her go rest in peace.

I'm like forget that mom these midwives are wrong and my daughter Aminah deserves justice. My mom said, "What justice are you talking about, Aminah has passed." Me fighting is keeping her alive. It's her that is keeping me strong and telling me to fight. There have been so many people I have contacted the list goes on far days. My email inbox is full of congress official, doctors, lawyers, and whoever else you can think of but still no results. Am I going to have to fight this fight when I'm old and gray or are these government officials going to start getting down to the nitty gritty to change some things, laws, maybe? I wish that I can just, "POOF" with my magic wand and change the laws for these slow pokes but I can't I must wait in life like the rest of the women who have been affected.

Why do babies have to die in order for laws to be changed or let alone for someone to even want to listen. It doesn't take rocket science to realize that no true governing authority is watching over these midwives. This is sad. I'm not even responding to any mother that had a good home birth that went right and wants to debate with me on MY decision to home birth. Justice is what needs to happen for me and any other mother out there that is afraid to speak out because they are still mourning.

I will continue to fight for Justice until the day I die and there nothing that anyone can do about it!

I will not remove the blog either, everything that I have talked about in this blog is pure fact and first hand experience. I will continue to blast the midwives because there is no real disciplinary actions that have been set in motion for either one of them. They are indeed still delivering babies. These midwives got away with murder and they tried to brush my daughter's death under the rug like it never happened. Joann Falcon told her attorney to ask me to remove my blog that it is hurting her business. Does she think that I really care about her and her midwife career. She is lucky that I haven't taken her house, cars, and whatever other assets she owns.
She owes my twin daughter Aminah for not giving her an appropriate birthing atmosphere. This midwife Joann Falcon put me, and my daughters life at risk and I think about that everyday. What if I would have died? What if my twin Akilah would have died?


                                                            The Midwife From Hell

Friday, January 3, 2014

Who Has The Real Power to Take Away a Midwife's License

That is a really good question. Who has the real power to sanction a midwife and revoke her credentials? The state midwife association's don't even know who has the real power. If most of you women are reading and thinking that NARM has the power you are so WRONG! NARM is only responsible for continual education of these midwives. Can you believe that? After speaking with Shannon Anton for the NARM accountability department on the phone late last night. She tells me that NARM helps the state midwife associations with conducting grievance meetings for parent who have midwife complaints but she advised me that they don't have the true power to take away the license.

She informed me that this would be a state level issue. Shannon actually told me that the grievance meeting is to help the midwife/s contribute more knowledge and scenarios to their profile help the midwife, definitely not to punish or discipline the midwife for actions, its to make her practice better.

So let me get this straight. Your making your practice better on the deaths of children that could have been saved. Your letting your midwives learn through death. That is absolutely disgusting and repulsing.

I read this earlier and had many thoughts how midwifery has steered away from the original ancient teachings.

Midwifery is a health care profession in which providers offer care to childbearing women during pregnancy, labor and birth, during the postpartum period, and between pregnancies. Practitioners also help care for the newborn and assist the mother with breastfeeding. They provide birth control, education and prescriptions for well-woman health care as well.
A practitioner of midwifery is known as a midwife, a term used in reference to both women and men, although most midwives are female.[1] In addition to providing care to women during pregnancy and birth, many midwives also provide primary care to women, well-woman care related to reproductive health, annual gynecological exams, family planning, and menopausal care.
Midwives are specialists in childbirth, postpartum, and well-woman health care. They are educated and trained to recognize the variations of normal progress of labor and deal with deviations from normal to discern and intervene in high risk situations. Midwifery is its own profession and in many developed nations is the entry point for maternity care having demonstrated safety, satisfying and cost-effectiveness for decades. In the US, more women utilize obstetricians, in contrast, who are specialists in illness related to childbearing and in surgery.[2] While obstetricians are medical doctors and provide surgery and instrumental deliveries in complex situations and provide care for women with health challenges and complicated pregnancies, midwives generally trust the developmental and physiologic process that is normal for most women, and utilize interventions as needed.[3]
Midwives refer women to specialists such as obstetricians or perinatologists in complications related to pregnancy and birth when a pregnant woman requires care beyond the midwives' scope of practice. In many parts of the world, these professions work in tandem to provide care to childbearing women. In others, only the midwife is available to provide care. Midwives are trained to handle certain more difficult deliveries, including breech births, twin births and births where the baby is in a posterior position, using non-invasive techniques.
For normal births, midwives offer care at a lower cost, use lower intervention rates, have lower mortality and morbidity as a result of fewer interventions, and fewer recovery complications.[4]

According to the definition of the International Confederation of Midwives, which has also been adopted by the World Health Organization and the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics:
A midwife is a person who, having been regularly admitted to a midwifery educational program that is duly recognized in the country in which it is located, has successfully completed the prescribed course of studies in midwifery and has acquired the requisite qualifications to be registered and/or legally licensed to practice midwifery.
The midwife is recognized as a responsible and accountable professional who works in partnership with women to give the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period, to conduct births on the midwife's own responsibility and to provide care for the infant. This care includes preventive measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in mother and child, accessing of medical or other appropriate assistance and the carrying out of emergency measures.
The midwife has an important task in health counseling and education, not only for the woman, but also within the family and community. This work should involve antenatal education and preparation for parenthood and may extend to women's health, sexual or reproductive health and childcare, and to gain the knowledge to counteract the lack of pain relievers and antiseptics.[citation needed]
95% of midwives in the US are Certified Nurse Midwives and practice in hospitals. A midwife who is credentialed appropriately is qualified to practice in any setting including in the home, the community, hospitals, clinics or health units.[5][dead link][6]

I don't think the midwife I hired fit anywhere within the ancient teachings of midwifery. She is a IMPOSTER most definitely.

Midwives are mentioned in the Old Testament: Exodus, Chapter 1. The Bible describes how the children of Israel (Hebrews) were enslaved in Egypt and they multiplied greatly. The Egyptians became fearful of the potential power of so many Hebrews. Pharaoh, therefore, commanded the Hebrew midwives (named Shiphrah and Puah) to kill all male babies delivered to the Hebrew women. The midwives, however, "feared God" and disobeyed Pharaoh by allowing the male babies to live. When Pharaoh asked the midwives why they had disobeyed his orders, the midwives told him the Hebrew women had easier labors than Egyptian women and delivered their babies before the midwife arrived. "And God dealt well with the midwives" (Exodus, Chap. 1, verse 20).
In ancient Egypt, midwifery was a recognized female occupation, as attested by the Ebers Papyrus which dates from 1900 to 1550 BCE. Five columns of this papyrus deal with obstetrics and gynecology, especially concerning the acceleration of parturition and the birth prognosis of the newborn. The West car papyrus, dated to 1700 BCE, includes instructions for calculating the expected date of confinement and describes different styles of birth chairs. Bas reliefs in the royal birth rooms at Luxor and other temples also attest to the heavy presence of midwifery in this culture.[10]
Midwifery in Greco-Roman antiquity covered a wide range of women, including old women who continued folk medical traditions in the villages of the Roman Empire, trained midwives who garnered their knowledge from a variety of sources, and highly trained women who were considered female physicians.[11] However, there were certain characteristics desired in a “good” midwife, as described by the physician Soranus of Ephesus in the 2nd century. He states in his work, Gynecology, that “a suitable person will be literate, with her wits about her, possessed of a good memory, loving work, respectable and generally not unduly handicapped as regards her senses [i.e., sight, smell, hearing], sound of limb, robust, and, according to some people, endowed with long slim fingers and short nails at her fingertips.” Soranus also recommends that the midwife be of sympathetic disposition (although she need not have borne a child herself) and that she keep her hands soft for the comfort of both mother and child.[12] Pliny, another physician from this time, valued nobility and a quiet and inconspicuous disposition in a midwife.[13] A woman who possessed this combination of physique, virtue, skill, and education must have been difficult to find in antiquity. Consequently, there appears to have been three “grades” of midwives present in ancient times. The first was technically proficient; the second may have read some of the texts on obstetrics and gynecology; but the third was highly trained and reasonably considered a medical specialist with a concentration in midwifery.[13]
Agnodice or Agnodike (Gr. Ἀγνοδίκη) was the earliest historical, and likely apocryphal,[14] midwife mentioned among the ancient Greeks.[15]
Midwives were known by many different titles in antiquity, ranging from iatrinē (Gr. nurse), maia (Gr., midwife), obstetrix (Lat., obstetrician), and medica (Lat., doctor).[16] It appears as though midwifery was treated differently in the Eastern end of the Mediterranean basin as opposed to the West. In the East, some women advanced beyond the profession of midwife (maia) to that of gynaecologist (iatros gynaikeios, translated as women's doctor), for which formal training was required. Also, there were some gynecological tracts circulating in the medical and educated circles of the East that were written by women with Greek names, although these women were few in number. Based on these facts, it would appear that midwifery in the East was a respectable profession in which respectable women could earn their livelihoods and enough esteem to publish works read and cited by male physicians. In fact, a number of Roman legal provisions strongly suggest that midwives enjoyed status and remuneration comparable to that of male doctors.[12] One example of such a midwife is Salpe of Lemnos, who wrote on women’s diseases and was mentioned several times in the works of Pliny.[13]
However, in the Roman West, our knowledge of practicing midwives comes mainly from funerary epitaphs. Two hypotheses are suggested by looking at a small sample of these epitaphs. The first is the midwifery was not a profession to which freeborn women of families that had enjoyed free status of several generations were attracted; therefore it seems that most midwives were of servile origin. Second, since most of these funeral epitaphs describe the women as freed, it can be proposed that midwives were generally valued enough, and earned enough income, to be able to gain their freedom. It is not known from these epitaphs how certain slave women were selected for training as midwives. Slave girls may have been apprenticed, and it is most likely that mothers taught their daughters.[12]
The actual duties of the midwife in antiquity consisted mainly of assisting in the birthing process, although they may also have helped with other medical problems relating to women when needed. Often, the midwife would call for the assistance of a physician when a more difficult birth was anticipated. In many cases the midwife brought along two or three assistants.[17] In antiquity, it was believed by both midwives and physicians that a normal delivery was made easier when a woman sat upright. Therefore, during parturition, midwives brought a stool to the home where the delivery was to take place. In the seat of the birthstool was a crescent-shaped hole through which the baby would be delivered. The birthstool or chair often had armrests for the mother to grasp during the delivery. Most birthstools or chairs had backs which the patient could press against, but Soranus suggests that in some cases the chairs were backless and an assistant would stand behind the mother to support her.[12] The midwife sat facing the mother, encouraging and supporting her through the birth, perhaps offering instruction on breathing and pushing, sometimes massaging her vaginal opening, and supporting her perineum during the delivery of the baby. The assistants may have helped by pushing downwards on the top of the mother's abdomen.
Finally, the midwife received the infant, placed it in pieces of cloth, cut the umbilical cord, and cleansed the baby.[13] The child was sprinkled with “fine and powdery salt, or natron or aphronitre” to soak up the birth residue, rinsed, and then powdered and rinsed again. Next, the midwives cleared away any and all mucus present from the nose, mouth, ears, or anus. Midwives were encouraged by Soranus to put olive oil in the baby’s eyes to cleanse away any birth residue, and to place a piece of wool soaked in olive oil over the umbilical cord. After the delivery, the midwife made the initial call on whether or not an infant was healthy and fit to rear. She inspected the newborn for congenital deformities and testing its cry to hear whether or not it was robust and hearty. Ultimately, midwives made a determination about the chances for an infant’s survival and likely recommended that a newborn with any severe deformities be exposed.[12]
A 2nd-century terracotta relief from the Ostian tomb of Scribonia Attice, wife of physician-surgeon M. Ulpius Amerimnus, details a childbirth scene. Scribonia was a midwife and the relief shows her in the midst of a delivery. A patient sits in the birth chair, gripping the handles and the midwife’s assistant stands behind her providing support. Scribonia sits on a low stool in front of the woman, modestly looking away while also assisting the delivery by dilating and massaging the vagina, as encouraged by Soranus.[13]
The services of a midwife were not inexpensive; this fact that suggests poorer women who could not afford the services of a professional midwife often had to make do with female relatives. Many wealthier families had their own midwives. However, the vast majority of women in the Greco-Roman world very likely received their maternity care from hired midwives. They may have been highly trained or possessed only a rudimentary knowledge of obstetrics. Also, many families had a choice of whether or not they wanted to employ a midwife who practiced the traditional folk medicine or the newer methods of professional parturition.[12] Like a lot of other factors in antiquity, quality gynecological care often depended heavily on the socioeconomic status of the patient.


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