Thursday, June 26, 2014

Illinois Midwives Crossing Over to Missouri Becomes a Problem

Midwives who reside in Illinois should not be able to cross into Missouri to deliver babies. Midwives should not travel outside of their state to deliver babies at all for time safety issues. This right here can be one step forward towards home birth safety. I mean if CPM's can not legally deliver babies at home in the state of Illinois why should it be okay for them to travel to states surrounding to deliver. This is a mssajor problem for many reasons.

1. Although as a midwife they may work in the state of missouri they do not live in the state which makes traveling necessary to get to clients. We all now that all babies may not wait for the midwife. This is not a risk that a mother should have to consider. Midwives that do not reside may not deliver.

2. If something goes wrong with your birth and your midwife is not stationary, she travels its really hard to locate her. She's like a snake slithering through without being seen in and out of town.

3. The laws are different in both states. CPM practicing in Illinois can be prosecuted for delivering in Illinois. So if you needed to prosecute a midwife for any reason you will be conflicted on so many different aspects.

4. If your midwife is coming to you your missing out on finding out who your midwife really is. I mean this woman is delivering yout baby you should be able to get personal with your midwife but how can you get the whole scoop on the midwife is she is leaving her life in another state.

5. Midwives set up businesses with the IRS in Missouri with Missouri addresses usually linked with missouri family or friends that live here but truely as Illinois residents. This is a legal problem that must also be addressed.

This list can go on but the point that I am making is there is some issues that we as a community need to look at when it comes to this home birth thing.

Let me give you an example in my case. Both midwives that was apart of my birth incident are Illinois residents meaning at the end of business day they go home to ILLINOIS to sleep. Which means if you have to travel to Missouri to deliver a baby you could be very late. The thing with these midwives is they lie to their clients and tell them that they live in Missouri in all reality they don't. They set up a business with the Irs in Missouri and according to the IRS they can now consider theirselves residents.

Shannon Anton sent me a letter a few weeks ago telling that Joann's recommendations were sent back to her office as returned mail. This is the Missouri address that I am talking about. The Cape Missouri address. So the mail had to be resent to her Illinois address.

Absolutely misleading and this could result in many baby deaths.

Continuing to educate the women that really want to know the facts. Midwives lie to.

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