Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wrongful Death Claims

Believe me I am trying. The events of that night and flashbacks about the negligence that I received is what still flashing through my memory bank. I can;t believe it, it's been over a year that my baby Aminah has been dead and I am still fighting for her. No matter how much my life has continued on I still feel I need to fight for my daughter.

Today Aminah, I called a couple more attorneys and the second one pretty much laughed in my face and hung up the phone. How you died daughter, was tragic and sad. The way that people in charge around me acted at the time of your entrance into the world was horrible. I wish I could take the night back and do it all over again.

Having a baby at home is serious business. It takes a lot of knowledge and preparation. Midwives are so disconnected from the law its scary. I remember going to the Malpractice Insurance Lobby Assembly in Jefferson City. Even the lawmakers are detached from the idea that midwives don't have to be held legally responsible for birth injuries or death. I don't think that most women know that. I think that most women when they choose to home birth they really don't wonder, "What If Something Bad Happens, What Will I DO?"

The attorneys and the legal heads are so uneducated about midwives or even home birth They are not even aware that babies are dying at home and being born mentally challenged due to birth negligence.

These nurses that work for the law firms are so uneducated on home birth that their approach of asking questions and gathering information is bias-is. They judge you instead of seeing right into the circumstances. Although the fight is tough I will continue with or without the support.

Peace and Blessings Twin Aminah
I dedicate the struggle to You and your Life.

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