Friday, February 13, 2015

I Welcome My Son AYINDE

I would like to give thanks to the creator for allowing me to bring a healthy baby boy into the world on February 8,2015. Ayinde was born at 12:40 am at Mercy Birth Center in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a wonderful birthing experience. I can say that after I lost Aminah to a midwife I thought that I would honestly stay far way from a midwife but natural birth and the theories of a midwife are so beautiful to me and I envision that every pregnancy should be experienced with minimal interventions (of course there are things that go wrong and immediate assistance needs to available within seconds). I battled everyday while I was pregnant with my son if I could trust another midwife. The answer to my question is yes. Some midwives can be trusted, why? Because some of them really do love their job. This birth center I would not consider to be a freestanding center because it was located inside of Mercy hospital. Somehow the midwives in charge still found a way to still be in control of their natural births and natural home birth theories. At first when I was deciding to go with a birth center towards the beginning of my pregnancy I just knew that I had only a few options because I live in Missouri where natural home birth and midwives are a new phenomena. I came in knowing that I was not comfortable with another home birth. I still believe that birth at home is not safe and will always be not safe in my eyes, but hey, that is my opinion and believe me I got my reasons. I was so fortunate to find a Birth Center that was actually located inside of a hospital. Wow. That is  like the best of both worlds. Although the physicians and OB surgeons were uncomfortable with midwives operating a birth center downstairs, they still all find a way to communicate with each other. The birth center inside of hospital is how I feel that all (home births) should be regulated. The birth center being located inside the hospital can do so much in case an emergency should arise, time, would not be an issue and believe me a lot of babies are dying because time is not made a priority in the avenue of home birth and laboring. There is so much to my birth center story that it will take more time than I have to give at this very moment because i have four children now. I will continue the idea of home births to take place in birth center hospital. I feel this speaks levels on regulations and regulating midwives.

Also these midwives did not allow water birth. I liked the reason why.
I was able to leave 4 hours after birth. There are so many good factors that came with the decision to birth at Mercy Birth Center.

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