Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dear Midwife Joann Falcon

Dear Midwife Joann Falcon,

I don't know if you remember me but I chose you as my midwife and you failed me. I chose you as a midwife and you mislead me. I chose you as a midwife and I paid you, even bought all the supplies that you suggested. I trusted you and you failed me. Mislead and ignored me. I chose to talk about my Home Birth disaster even after I knew that I would be ridiculed. I took that risk. I just want the world to know I will never stop showing your face. Yes, your face. The face of the midwife that stood me up at my birth and ran after my baby died. Never made a visit, never sent any flowers, and never sent your condolences. I guess you felt like you didn't owe me that. I guess you felt you didn't owe my daughter that but because of that I will never stop talking about you. I will never stop mentioning your name as the midwife from hell. That's exactly what you are. I hope that one day you will consider what you did and how messy you were and still are for still not reaching out to my family. 

Teaming up with  your midwife friends trying to change the blame game. However, you and I know the real story. You took ,my money and ran. You took my daughter's life because you were not there. Your advice was all wrong that night and you never admitted that it was wrong. I will never forget your silence that day. You really knew you fucked up! I remember calling you the next day and you ignored all my phone calls. I remember feeling abandoned, alone , and furious. You failed us and for that I will never stop talking about you. I will never say that you are a good midwife because your character after my babies death was pure disgusting for that I will never stop talking about you.

Your definitely The Midwife From Hell

Sincerely, Dreah Louis

A woman who hired the Midwife From Hell

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