Friday, January 31, 2014

The Nerve of the Midwife

A month ago I submitted a release of medical records to Joann Falcon. I was requesting to see a copy of my medical records and the statement of the incident on the day my twins were born so that I may prepare myself for the Grievance meeting. You know analyze the statement and basically see her take of that day. Just the other day I received a letter from Joann's Midwife Lawyer Bobbi Moon that I am to pay for the medical records. PAY? PAY FOR WHAT? I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO GIVE HER ANOTHER DIME.  The lawyer discussed the fee in the letter. She stated that the rest of the documents requested like the incident report is for Joann's personal records only and they will not be released. Bobbi Moon also informed me that I am not to have any further contact with Joann and to make all further inquires to her "Attorney Bobbi Moon"

So I said to myself this midwife is going to make me pay to receive my medical records as if I haven't paid enough. This is just down right a taste of how nasty these midwives can get when it comes to ethics. I mean how are you going to charge a mother that has lost a child because of improper information on behalf of her occupation. Don't get me wrong many people tell me that I had a choice to call the ambulance early on when I realized that the midwife was on her way but when your in labor and everything is going on your not really thinking that your home birth is going to go wrong. The whole reason why your chose home birth in the first place is to experience birth outside of a hospital. So to answer all the questions that I get about making the decision on behalf of my self I lacked. I do agree. I trusted a complete stranger who gave herself a midwife title. I was naive. I had to pay the cost. My daughter had to pay the cost, my family had to pay the cost.

I trusted the midwife to have my best interest and the best interest of  my babies and that is what I am guilty of. Now because I am airing out her name she wants to be nasty. That's okay I hope my twin daughter haunts you everyday of your fucking miserable life. Fucking cunt!

Now that I have gotten that all off my chest I would like to say that the other midwife that she called to show up didn't have a problem at all sending me an incident report so why is the original midwife making me pay for a report. See I feel like its a game that she is playing now. She is seeing how far she can take it. She feels as though I am ruining her business but I'm thinking to myself how can I ruin your business if your truly a good midwife. The problem is that she doesn't want me to tell women about what she did. She doesn't like me telling other women that she did not show up for my birth but I mean GOSH  its the freaking truth JOANN, YOU DIDN'T SHOW UP! YOU WERE TOO LATE and instead of telling me when I originally called that you were going to be 2 1/2 hours away and to go to the hospital you will meet me there you told me to go home and you were on the your way and you were going to send someone. Then your telling midwives that it was my choice to not call 911. So......................................
I just gave myself a head ache. The games the games disgusting. They will do anything to try to make it seem as if the mother had options and choices. Don't let these midwives guide you.

This midwife drove the car and I was in the backseat. That's what women are paying for when they choose home birth they are choosing someone to drive the car because they don't have the adequate knowledge on home birth and birthing babies. Midwives are so good for blaming the mother when things go wrong but the person that led the horse astray is just as guilty.

I feel into her trap but no more mother have to for the sake of home birth and for Aminah.

Thanks for listening


  1. Dreah, keep fighting the good fight. My heart breaks for you.
    A question. If you had had access to the numbers that MANA just published, which they hid since 2009, that 1/120 twin homebirths that CPMs attend would end in a death, would that information helped you make a different choice to go to the hospital?

    1. I can say this. If my midwife would have taken me into the doctor that she works with at the hospital to talk about how my twins were different and dangerous to have vaginally period. You see I am such a naturalist I had all my kids natural. I frowned at C-section. C-section was the problem. I wanted to attempt a vaginal delivery but I did not know how dangerous. Most of the time doctors know best. Women fight interventions and that's okay like epidural and pain medicine and vaccines but when it comes to procedures that can save a baby's life I now would go along with it because its not worth losing a child because you didn't try everything. Most of the time women are selfish when they make decisions during pregnancy and birth. We women get into our feeling and sometimes think too much about what we want out of birth instead of what is safe.

      Thanks for commenting and reading. I hope I answered your question.

  2. That is despicable! Your records ARE your records! My midwife gave me my records to give to my ob-gyn. 1 piece of paper. 1. For my whole 30 hours of labor. Yeah right. These women are liars! I am so sorry for you. I hope she loses all her business.


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