Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Fight for Justice

I know I told myself that I would not give up on this fight for my daughter Aminah. I fought for her when she was in the hospital severely brain damaged also. Even when everyone around me was telling that the situation was bad I still had some type of hope as I do now. Now I see how most women that have been affected by a midwife's incompetence and neglect stay hidden and don't come out because look at all the obstacles that a person must jump through to get someone to first pay attention, let alone care about the incident. This is such a sad case and the fight is getting a little overwhelming. This fight is consuming most of days. I guess its a part of me that doesn't want to let my Aminah go. After my daughter passed my mother told me to not go after people don't talk about it just let her go rest in peace.

I'm like forget that mom these midwives are wrong and my daughter Aminah deserves justice. My mom said, "What justice are you talking about, Aminah has passed." Me fighting is keeping her alive. It's her that is keeping me strong and telling me to fight. There have been so many people I have contacted the list goes on far days. My email inbox is full of congress official, doctors, lawyers, and whoever else you can think of but still no results. Am I going to have to fight this fight when I'm old and gray or are these government officials going to start getting down to the nitty gritty to change some things, laws, maybe? I wish that I can just, "POOF" with my magic wand and change the laws for these slow pokes but I can't I must wait in life like the rest of the women who have been affected.

Why do babies have to die in order for laws to be changed or let alone for someone to even want to listen. It doesn't take rocket science to realize that no true governing authority is watching over these midwives. This is sad. I'm not even responding to any mother that had a good home birth that went right and wants to debate with me on MY decision to home birth. Justice is what needs to happen for me and any other mother out there that is afraid to speak out because they are still mourning.

I will continue to fight for Justice until the day I die and there nothing that anyone can do about it!

I will not remove the blog either, everything that I have talked about in this blog is pure fact and first hand experience. I will continue to blast the midwives because there is no real disciplinary actions that have been set in motion for either one of them. They are indeed still delivering babies. These midwives got away with murder and they tried to brush my daughter's death under the rug like it never happened. Joann Falcon told her attorney to ask me to remove my blog that it is hurting her business. Does she think that I really care about her and her midwife career. She is lucky that I haven't taken her house, cars, and whatever other assets she owns.
She owes my twin daughter Aminah for not giving her an appropriate birthing atmosphere. This midwife Joann Falcon put me, and my daughters life at risk and I think about that everyday. What if I would have died? What if my twin Akilah would have died?


                                                            The Midwife From Hell


  1. You hurting her business = lives saved. Thank you.

  2. Dreah, thank you. You have joined the saddest sisterhood ever. I am so sorry for your loss. This should not have been allowed to happen.


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