Wednesday, January 22, 2014

License to Kill

I know that this may seem far fetched to some but in all reality this chapter of the blog,"License to Kill"  is very real. Any midwife in any state can have a License to Kill.
Licence to kill is the official sanction by a government or government agency to a particular operative or employee to initiate the use of lethal force in the delivery of their objectives, well known as a literary device used in espionage fiction. The initiation of lethal force is in comparison to the use of lethal force in self-defense or the protection of life.

Think about it these midwives have the power to kill babies and not have to bare any consequences. I'm starting to think that maybe CPM's are apart of some type government population control agenda. Why I say this is because I have spoken with a lot of powerful people in Congress. I spoken with congressmen and women, relations and counsel women and men, attorneys and DA. They all say that this idea with midwives being criminally negligent is new and they all hint all the time that they don't know how to approach cases like mine (which is really a reality for many women and families I just decided to speak out about my tragedy).

If more babies die at home than in the hospital why must we prove it? Aren't the birth stories enough. I guess the officials at the top have to care about it enough to look into it to even realize that a lot of families have been affected by midwives and the home birth idea. Why continue to allow the midwife professional to thrive when babies and mothers are dying or really close to death for the sake of home birth  What I am getting at is that the government well understands that babies born at home have a greater chance of death or birth injuries and they are okay with that idea. How can you expect positive results with no oversight of the midwifery profession. This is so disgusting to me I don't want to even talk to another government official or interest group. These interest groups are so amusing to me because they are so interested in the idea of home birth and where it goes wrong and they really don't have the a bit of idea because they weren't in the moment. All that research is bullshit. Try being in the moment when it all goes wrong.

A home birth tragedy image is indeed something that will never go away. Knowing that you could have saved your baby if you would not have believed the home birth hype is shockingly a testimony in itself with NO FILTER for any mother who needs a little guidance in the right path.  Your midwife has a license to kill. I challenge all home birthing moms to  ask your midwife how many babies has she killed at home because of improper training maybe she wont admit it at first but tell her to dig deep in her closet of skeletons and pull out a number because every midwife has a number don't let them tell you they don't. Ask your midwife how many babies that she knows of now have to live with permanent birth defects reminding them of that one night when everything went entirely wrong.

The scary thing about home birth is that its just like everything else in the world, "An idea, a culture, a religion, an act of knowledge, a rite of passage, a revolutionary act" whatever else you may want to call it. Home birth is dangerous and most of these midwives are dangerous also. I don't have a problem with midwives who work very closely with physicians. That's not a problem. Mothers need to worry about the midwives who talk so bad about hospitals and interventions. If your midwife is bad mouthing ultrasounds, labs, screening, or any doctor consultation meeting that is definitely a red flag that she is gambler with life.

Most of these midwives out here will sell you a dream of this peaceful home birth and they will never inform you of the risk because they do not want to jeopardize a paid home birth for a safe hospital birth. These midwives want to sell you birthing pools, herbs, books, movies, and the idea that she knows everything about birth but indeed you can not for see a disaster I don't care how good of a midwife you think you are.

So what are the midwives bringing to the table other than death and birth injuries? Heartache and a salty taste of  home birth in America. Is the government apart of this population control idea? Are they aware that these midwives indeed do have licenses to kill or do they think that if a women is dumb enough to have babies at home then they should be able to deal with the consequences of a negative outcome but in all reality I am informing women of the the trap that has been presented in front of them.

Don't believe the hype about home birth!
Your midwife may have a license to kill

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