Friday, August 1, 2014

Midwifery Confusion

Being a Midwife is a very serious job. Under rated if you ask me. Just the thought alone that a woman has the sole responsibility of helping deliver babies into the world. There is only one problem with this thought. What If your midwife doesn't show up? What is a woman to do? I can tell you one thing, it's certainly not the woman's fault for the midwife being late or not showing up to a birth at all. You must go into home birth knowing just that.

Home birth is risky and hospital births are risky to but there is just a bit of a difference. Might I add more people on staff or shall we say "stand by". My problem with home birth is that there is no tracking method. You know? There is no way of tracking your birth through a system. There is no accountability at the beginning of this home birth thing, but by all means if that's what you as the mother wishes for and the family is to have a birth off the meter ( off the radar,) home birth indeed is for you.

Home birth is all good until it goes wrong and believe me it does go wrong and who are going to tell? Your state officials, the police department, who? Who is going to listen to you? I Can tell you one thing there is confusion in midwifery because delivering babies is a serious business and it is not being taken serious. These midwives are overbooking themselves, driving long distances, poorly trained, and are claiming to specialize in everything under the sun.

Midwifery confusion is a midwife trying to stay away from the hospitals because they do not believe in the way hospitals do things But turn around in some instances and have to run to the same hospitals for help depriving their education and training and blind their clients of their risk assessment from the beginning.

Midwifery needs some help!

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