Monday, September 1, 2014

I Hate The Midwife

My brain will never let me forget how The Midwife From Hell, Joann Falcon stood me up for the birth of my twins. How she didn't treat my pregnancy important is disturbing to me. Sometimes I sit back and rewind the event in my head. I remember calling her three days before the day I went into labor because I had threw up really bad and I just didn't feel good. I called her on her phone and told her that I was having contractions but they weren't regular.She asked me if I thought she should come? I was telling her that I was calling because I didn't now if it was normal to throw up so close to the due date. I had told her that I had not threw up any during the pregnancy. She asked me how far apart the contraction were and I said that they came and went every three or four hours or so. She then told me that I was not in labor and to call her when they were closer together.
As a patient was I not entitled to a visit that day. Maybe she should have came and checked me, my vitals, the heartbeats, my cervix, you know all that good stuff to at least see if the babies were coming soon. As a matter of fact she never checked my cervix one time during the pregnancy to see how far I had dilated. She never did any ultrasounds, no lab work. I didn't think anything was wrong really I would say mainly because she stressed how all that stuff was not necessary.

When I did feel the contractions come on I did exactly what she asked me to do call back. On May 24,2013 I called her when they were closer together. This midwife asked me how far apart and I told her every 5 minutes. I just sit back now and think about how five minutes is really together (contractions, I mean). That's when I should have high tailed it to the hospital but I didn't. Do you know why I didn't because I trusted the midwife's judgment. She tells me to prepare for the birth and she was on her way. Instead I should have been on my way to the hospital. Now one of my babies is gone and she is still delivering babies like she never had a hand in my daughters death. She has this Facebook page where she is completely not honest about her dealings as a midwife. She never told her friends that she is currently being sanctioned by NARM. She never told her friends that she did not show to a dead babies grievance meeting. She mentions on her facebook page when she delivers healthy babies but does not mention when a baby dies. Never on her page did she talk about my daughters death.

Why would that be something that a midwife would want to talk about? Is it because women would become scared? See the problem with midwifery, babies do die at home but the midwives don't openly talk about death. It is like they hide it because of some type of taboo. Death is never even talked about at all in the midwife community. They just talk about the healthy babies they deliver. That is so contrary to the real and it is absolutely disgusting.

If your a midwife and you can glorify all your healthy births you can most definitely talk about your deaths.

Dreah Louis
Writer of The Midwife From Hell

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