Sunday, September 21, 2014

Research On The Midwife Is Crictical

Research, Research, and more Research we all do it. We research anything we want to know when we need immediate answers to questions that we are unsure of. The question is how much research is enough when deciding to homebirth? The answer to this question is that you can never stop researching your midwife and all the attributes of homebirth. When choosing to homebirth of course all women are exciting about the idea of doing something different something out of the "norm" but in all reality you have to be prepared if your home birth does not go the way you plan. There are many steps that you can take to ensure that you can experience the best quality home birth but beware that here are still may risk associated with a home birth rather if it's planned or not planned.

One of the problems with researching home birth you can do a risk assessment on your home birth but you can not predict the day you will go into labor and you definitely can not predict how long you will be in labor. As a mother I know we all feel like we know our bodies and we trust that nature can take its course but sometimes nature has a plan of its own and every midwife is not qualified enough to handle every situation that may occur.

Midwives are licensed through NARM  which basically means they get all of their education and certification through this organization of midwives. Just because a midwife completes appropriate courses and training does not mean that the midwife is qualified for the job. A lot of midwives do have deaths on record and they will not talk about them with you as a client because of the taboo but by all means still ask. It is important to know how many babies have died under their care and what happened. It is your responsibility to ask these questions because the midwife will not just tell you. It is important to now what and who you are dealing with.

Also one of the worst things that can happen at a birth is the midwife to be late. There is no room for that and being late to a birth can cause a lot harm and can live the family in a situation of an unassisted home birth. A lot of women have had midwives all the way up to the delivery date to have the midwife extremely late resulting in a baby being delivered by the mother and father. The parents are just so happy that their bundle of joy has arrived that they don't even fault the midwife for being late or not being there at all. This is a major problem.

If you are choosing to homebirth it is important to have more than one midwife on the job. This could be more expensive but in the long run it could help you just in case your midwife can not be on time.
Where a midwife lives is important also. You have to honestly find out where your midwife lives NOT where she does business. These are sometimes to different places. Travel time is very important when it comes to a labor and delivery. Even at the hospital can not be at the birth there are other doctors in the hospital that are on call for the event. Better safer than sorry.

Also still remember that midwives are not required to carry malpractice insurance so if something does go wrong it will be nothing that can be done to reimburse you for any pain and suffering that is a major pill to swallow. At the end of the day all midwives are not bad midwives they have been here since the beginning of time but everyone that claims to be a certified trained midwife is not. Take the words from a mother that has experienced the worst case delivery and midwife.

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