Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Am So Tired ........

 I am so tired of people linking my blog. I guess when I started the blog I didn't think about all the people that would be exploiting me and my daughter. That's why I set up a paid subscription. When I go to my statistics page and I see that there is traffic coming to my blog I always go to the source to find out who has linked my blog and what they are talking about.

First of all the titles of the post are so disturbing, especially from the Doctor bloggers. They really have no compassion. They just write to get readers and they do not get permission to even use women's stories in their blog, they just do it.

One doctor told me that they did not have to get permission to use my story, they said I uploaded my blog for the world to read and they were not going to be taking it down. I said, "Oh Really?" So I rather no one read my blog then people just wanting to read a story to talk about me in forums.

Again I feel like I have to say this. My blog is for educational purposes only NOT for exploitation reasons and there is a big difference. As a mother of a child that was lost to home birth believe me you know the difference between someone being respectful of your blog material and someone who is being absolutely disrespectful while exploiting you.

The paid subscription is for people who actually want to follow my story, not just lurk to see what I am up to. I find that a lot of women have been doing that. Lurking. They don't comment or say anything in the content that I have written. It's getting kind of old.

No subscription, No read, Sorry

It's for the better. If you don't want to pay then you don't need to read the blog anyway.

Dreah Louis
The Midwife From Hell

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