Friday, April 3, 2015

So You Killed My Daughter and Ran

That day was horrible.  May 24,2013.  That day I will always remember. Bittersweet, I had a beautiful baby girl and I lost a beautiful baby girl. A  sad lesson learned the hard way. If I could just save one woman for making that mistake Aminah's death would be more than just "another dead baby". The justice system is not on my side but I will continue to raise my daughter's name with greatness. She is a great memory. All the things I see in her sister I see in her although her body is not here. That midwife should be ashamed of herself. Thinking that she is just going to kill my baby and run. Who does she think I am? Does she know that she will never forget me? She will always remember Aminah. Why? She will remember me because I will shine light on the midwifery industry forever. I will always remember how Midwife Joann Falcon killed my daughter didn't step up to the plate. She passed me off in a time where her presence was needed. She killed my baby and still went on to deliver more babies, and somehow because she deliver a few healthy babies after me, my baby somehow is insignificant. I think not.

The Midwife From Hell
-Words of Dreah Louis

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  1. I would like to share your story with other twin mothers considering homebirth. Please message me on Facebook if this would be an approved use. Thank you for speaking out. (Karen Downer Herbert)


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