Sunday, June 21, 2015

Make sure your Midwife is an actual Midwife

As I sat in Jefferson City, Missouri for the Malpractice insurance bill 2189 I got to hear other stories of home birth disasters that happened in Missouri. The old couple sat next to me and my husband that day in Rep Franklin's office before the introduction of the bill was about to be heard on the floor. We properly introduced ourselves to each other in front of Rep Franklin's assistant in her small office. It was indeed unfortunate that we had to meet under those circumstances. 

When it was time to appear on the floor to share our birth stories, the old couple lead with their story first. The husband sat in a chair beside his wife and allowed her to tell the story that they had drove for a while to say. The mother said that her daughter was unable to be there to tell her birth story because she had died the day that she gave birth. Their grandson had died also. The old woman also told the counsel of representatives that the midwives in charge of delivery and the care for her daughter were not actual midwives. 

These midwives attended a birth and took money from a woman and they did not disclose that they were not actual midwives with certifications. This was a sad story. I'm sure many more like this story are floating around the Internet.

To all women who are new to home birthing please make sure your midwife is a actual midwife.

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