Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Running away from Accountability

There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about Twin Aminah. The most painful part about May 24, 2013 is she didn't have to die. Not only did she not have to die Aminah nor my family received any recourse for her death. Her death was kicked under a rug. There were many people responsible that night for the condition of my new born baby. The midwife system is very corrupt and very trendy. Don't let these women fool you. You know, the home birth enthusiast, the midwives, the doulas, NARM, or the private owned ultasound businesses.

NARM and their midwives are running away from accountability. These CPA's want to birth babies at home with no accountability. Meaning if something happens they are going to run behind NARM and NARM and their state Associations will protect them.

So many babies have died in the hands of unqualified midwives and it has to stop. Of course birthing at home can be a beautiful moment but also know it can turn into a nightmare really quick. Be smart and weigh all your options and most importantly RESEARCH YOUR MIDWIFE.

Criminal checks/background check
Check for sanctions
Research complaints
Research address
Drive to Businesss locations
Visit home if possible
Ask about deaths
Ask about birth injuries
Check miwife certification with NARM


This blog means so much to me through Aminah we hope to educate and bring awareness to midwives from hell.

The Midwife From Hell

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