Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Run Around

Planning a Home Birth? Well, I hope it goes right because you do not want to deal with NARM or the Midwife Association of your state. They will give you The Run Around. They do not take death serious at all. It's like they try to protect each other by slowing up the process. My daughter passed away in June of 2013 and I have been trying to file a complaint with the Missouri Midwives Association since May. These women make you do all your correspondence through mail. You send things certified mail and they still claim that they didn't get it. I'm not trying to scare any mother for choosing to home birth but just know that if your birth does not turn out right and the midwife is indeed at.fault you have to be your child's best advocate. No one cares about your situation until your situation becomes their situation.

The thing about home birth is that you can never actually plan what will take place at a home birth. It's just to unpredictable. Lets just throw my situation out the door for a moment. Lets say your planning a home birth and you have done all of the proper research, you have found the perfect midwife maybe word of mouth, you have all the worst case scenarios in your head and your willing to take responsibility for whatever happens if something goes wrong. All you know is that your taking a risk and you know that you have to except whatever happens but the truth is indeed things do happen and deaths do happen often in hospital or home births but how many of those deaths could have been avoided by one simple technique? How many of those deaths could have been truly live births.

See these are the things that we are not talking about. With birthing babies some may be deaths but what is important to know is what and who are the people who are going to hold the key, the responsibility, the honor of the gateway to earth. There is nothing wrong with wanting a home birth but I think because home birth is not a full fledged career that sisters and mothers are cultivated together its more so, "I'm pregnant, I want to birth a home, lets find a midwife." Instead of calling a mother or sister who knows how to deliver babies. I guess what I am saying is there are no enough midwives within the women's family that plans on birthing at home. If a sister is birthing your baby there is going to be compassion coming out of the birthing event. A mother is someone that brought you into the world so why wouldn't she make sure that she was able to fulfill prophecy for you. Again these are just thoughts of mine nothing is written in stone.

Midwifery needs to be more intimate. It can not just be considered a career that a women went to school for and passed a test to become certified to birth babies at home or in a hospital atmosphere. Pregnancy is something that is sacred and majestic, each and every women's body is a map that can not be duplicated so planning to have a home birth with a qualified profession midwife may not be enough. Having a strong bond and connection like no other is something that is indeed missing from the midwifery profession.

No woman should be given the run around when a baby has been lost. It's like saying, "I'm sorry for your loss, wait in line." It truly does make you look at home birth in a new light when you see the same people that you went to for answers to questions during your pregnancy treat you so cold when you have to talk to them about a death. Of course I'm pretty sure that there are women our there that have had home birth disasters and they have kept their feelings of betrayal by a midwife secret. Feeling that if she talks about it she will be bad mouthing or stirring up trouble for the midwife but me I can't stay quiet because I know that what happened at my house that night WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN.

I chose to speak out because I feel like because midwives are not authorized to carry any type of malpractice insurance or even be held accountable if a death has occurred WHAT IS LEFT FOR A MOTHER BUT TO TALK ABOUT IT ESPECIALLY IF YOUR GETTING THE RUN AROUND


  1. Thank you for speaking out. I have a friend who lost a baby due to her midwife's actions in Colorado, and her awful sorrow turned me totally against homebirth. People need to realize that most homebirth midwives in the USA do not carry malpractice insurance; if homebirth is as safe as they claim it is, shouldn't it be easy for them to get insurance?

    1. I agree homebirth is dangerous especially if something goes wrong. There is just to much that can happen at home. My goal is not to get women against homebirth but just to open ones eye about the accountability of midwives.


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