Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Don't just let your midwife slide you the Informed Consent form and not go over it. You would be surprised a lot of midwives do this.

Informed Consent is a process for getting permission before conducting a health care intervention on a person. A health care provider may ask a patient to consent to receivetherapy before providing it.

How many women have had their midwife discuss with them their disclosure? The reason why I ask this question is because women are being processed for candidates for home birth but have not passed the health care assessments to be able to fulfill a potential spot for a desired home birth. 
Believe me what I say when I say, woman choose to home birth because we want to birth away from hospital technology and get back to the basics of natural birth. That is still my theory today but I must say you can have a natural birth in a hospital setting. 

I am not completely against home birth but I am for safety. Sometimes women can pass for low risk during the whole pregnancy and end up in a high risk in labor really fast and believe me if this does happen you don't want to be at home away form modern medicine especially if it can potentially save your baby.

Being informed is important. You have to have all the risk lay ed out on the table. You  have to talk about death. You have to talk about the possibilities. You have to know the risk factors. Your midwife has to give you options. Midwives have to work with doctors. In order for home birth to work the doctors must be apart of home birth. 

Informing mothers about their home birth risk  with the appropriate Consent Forms is mandatory. Letting a family know what their nine month pregnancy will consist of.

To all the women who are planning to home birth and do not have all the facts go to the website and pre-order my book, The Midwife From Hell. Just click on the book. I hope to not scare women away from home birth but to enlighten women on home birth.

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