Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mismanagement of Midwife Money

I remember when I was pregnant the midwife would set up visits in a few different places in my city. Sometimes she would set up at an old friends house and have all her visits there. The next time the visit would be in a hotel conference room. When I became farther along the visits would be held at my house. During the time of my pregnancy with the twins Joann would give me lists of things to be purchased for the home birth. Sometimes is was different herbs and supplements. At other times it was the birthing pool and all the equipment that comes along with the pool. Lets not forget to mention the birthing kit. The birthing kit including things that would be need on the day of the birth.

Every time Joann came to visit me I gave her money. I can recall writing receipts for $300 for every visit.Some of money covered items needed like the hearing test and the blood work for newborns to test for abnormalities. When it all came down to it I probably ended up spending over $6,000 for items for the birth and paying the midwife every time we had a visit. This amount was given to the midwife way before the babies were even born.

Some women make the mistake of paying their midwife so much before the baby even arrives. I would not do this for many reason. One reason is a lot of the items that the midwife may have you purchase for your birth you may not even use. Another reason is there is no guarantee that your midwife will for fill her duties as a midwife.

I paid promptly and my midwife didn't show to the birth until after the babies was born and one was dead.

The midwife absolutely mismanaged my money. She just pocketed the money and when I was in labor she moved like a turtle as if she was sure that I was not in labor. Out of all the money that I did pay to the midwife it was enough for a hotel room in the area as I was close to the due date.

Don't allow your midwife to mismanage your money. If you have to explain to the midwife what the money is to be used for, by all means do so. These midwives are doing everything. Delivering babies handling the money and worst case they are acting as their own boss

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