Monday, January 18, 2016

Ban Home Birth

I wonder how many women lost their baby to home birth and are just not speaking out about it? I wonder how many are blaming their self for the tragedy? I always wonder why the women decide to keep quiet. Actually, I know why they keep quiet. I remember when I first decided to open up about loosing my daughter to home birth, I remember how cruel women were to me. I was called every name in the book. I remembered getting so much hate mail. I remember so many women sharing my blog post in other groups talking bad about me. I remember all of that and if your not strong enough to deal with that, I can see why a woman would opt out to not share that tragedy.

Maybe the women feels as though it was their fault. Maybe the midwife was able to brainwash her client making her feel like she did everything she could to save their baby.If you had your baby at home and something happened to your baby I just would like to let you know that all options were not exhausted. I started this blog to educate women on the risks of home birthing. I tell women the truth. You may not see my blog with the other blogs about home birth disasters because women initially don't search for tragedies or disasters when education themselves about home birth at the begining. Women go straight to the beauty parts about home birth. Watching Youtube videos, reading beautiful birth stories, watching home birth movies, asking friends whom have home birthed, reading crappy statistics on the safety, reading the NARM site, speaking to prominent doula's, or whatever else the woman can get her hands on.

I wonder if the horror, disaster, tragedy stories were put in the for front of the search engines what would the effect be? If women were able to see the negative aspects of home birth before seeing the so-called positive aspects of birthing at home, I wonder would women continue on their quest of having babies at home? Most likely many would still take that risk but I can assure you if I would have read home birth disaster stories first and not seen beautiful home birth twin stories on the net I probably would still have my twin baby girl now.

Years have gone by and my twin daughter Akilah is getting bigger and bigger. Every time her birthday comes around I have this bittersweet moment. Her birthday brings back so many sad memories. When Akilah was born me and her father did not get to properly celebrate the birth because we were so miserable. Although we were miserable we still have to be strong and celebrate the beauty of May 24th.  Yet in 2014 we had one baby alive and one baby fighting for her life. A baby who never got the chance to be delivered properly.

For that reason alone that is why I truly started this blog. I feel it is my duty to protect other mothers from the same situation happening to them.

Home birth should be banned in America. There is absolutely no accountability. Until there is some, no woman should be able to birth at home. There is a lot of work that needs to be done with these midwives and no more babies should have to die in the hands of careless midwives.

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