Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Mid-Witch

I dedicate this chapter of my blog to the Mid-witch. I know your probably thinking what is a Mid-witch? A Mid-witch is a Midwife Witch. This Mid-witch is a woman that happens to be a midwife by profession but a witch by night. This woman studies birth, women, and babies but also does witch craft. I know most people reading this right now probably think that this is a joke but I am being so serious. The Mid-witch is sent out all over the world to do dirty work. I always wondered to myself. Did The Midwife From Hell that I chose, did she do what she did on purpose? Maybe she was jealous of my me because I was having twins. Maybe she sabotaged my birth on purpose. Maybe this isn't the first time she has done this. Maybe she did what she did because she knew that she was going to get away with it. The Mid-witch relies more on wit and faith when attempting to delivering babies. The Mid-witches worships the devil. Mid-witches don't use common sense. These women will do magic, put you under their spell. Persuade you that nothing will happen to you or your baby. Many may think that I am going overboard about Mid-witches but don't think that I am to crazy. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but mid-witches are all over the world. Don't let a mid-witch flatter you so much that you are blinded from thinking rational. Sometimes if not often these mid-witches hope to find a easy, naive, gullible women to prey on.
                                                             The Midwitch

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