Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pay Methods for Midwife

Never pay Midwife in advance. There are so many reasons why I say this. The main reason why I say this is because there will be supplies that you will have to buy along the way to prepare for a home birth and everything is going to come out of your pocket. Depending on what type of home birth you decide to have make sure that you are clear on what items are completely necessary for a home birth. Don't waste money on things that these midwives will act like you need. Remember this is a profession now and they will market pools, and many maternity items while pregnant. Its a business and all you really need is for the midwife to be at your birth.

Never let a midwife talk you into paying midwife fee upfront. This is a Red Flag. The reason why I say this is because, what if the midwife does not fulfill the duties of a midwife? Understand that there is no rush on paying. Always make sure that you keep record of what you paid for and make sure midwife signs off on receipts. Never enter into a client-midwife relationship without signing a contract. If the Midwife does not have a contract write one up protect yourself. If midwife does not have contracts this is a red flag.

Below I have provided pay methods you should talk about to your midwife. These methods will protect you in an event of a loss. My scenario I paid for services I didn't get. You don't want to pay for a midwife who doesn't show for the birth.

Protect yourself

Below are the best payment methods:

Pay as you go- This method insures that your paying for what your getting at the time of pregnancy, meaning, prenatal check up, labs, ultrasounds. Pay for these things as you go. The midwife I had did no labs and no ultrasounds.

Half and Half- This method is simple pay half of the midwife fee at the beginning of pregnancy and pay the other half on birthday. This method protects your pocket from over paying early. Don't forget you will be paying for supplies along the way.

Pay At the Birth- This method is last because the midwife will feel like she is working for free. Trusting for payment at the end from a client may be an issue for the midwife but if the midwife really loves what she does she will understand this method. (This method excludes test that have to be done from trimester to trimester)

It doesn't matter if a midwife births babies at home or in the hospital they should truly love what they do, money should not drive a midwife.



  1. Dreah, I am so sorry for your loss. I have been reading each post from the beginning, but feel I have to comment here.

    I know you feel your midwife should have reimbursed you, and I totally understand that, she did not make it to your birth and you suffered the ultimate loss. I also know your midwife did not have malpractice, and you feel she should have.

    I am a midwife, a CNM, and I love, love, Love what I do. But I cannot work for free. As much as I love what I do, it is also my career. I have $100,000 in student loans to pay for, malpractice to pay for and all of the normal bills everyone else has. Midwives set up payment plans as they are able, but I personally do not know any midwife who would attend a birth without having been paid. Most all expect full payment by 36 weeks unless it is a very special arrangement.

    1. So what your saying is that money motivates your career choice? So would completely stop birthing babies all together if your weren't getting paid to? Maybe I may have to revise this chapter/post because what I was getting at was maybe there would be a little more compassion if money didn't drive the profession. Midwives are getting greedy. There are too many midwives. The organizations that parent midwifery are non profit that's actually how they are protecting them self from these deaths.
      thanks for commenting

  2. My husband gets angry that our midwife didn't give us some money back for our son's botched birth. We didn't sue and had medical bills out the whazoo because of her (and still do to this day). It's not like they have to carry malpractice insurance to help compensate their bad judgement calls that affects families' finances forever. Having back a mere 1,800 dollars would have been a nice gesture. I agree to not pay all upfront.

    1. Me 2. I was going to pay everything upfront my husband the analytical guy he is told me to hold off on the remaining of the money till the birthday. Im glad I at least did that because I would have been out of a lot more.

      Not to mention all the crap they make you buy to have a homebirth. I bought so many things suggested by the midwife and didn't get to use one thing. Can you imagine that?


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