Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midwife Alert Be Aware of These Midwives

Joann Falcon of South East Missouri

Joann Falcon

I have to expose this midwives above. If you are in search of a midwife in the Missouri or Illinois area you may run across this midwife. I would like to inform the public this midwife who does have a license but does have deaths on her record. Joann was hired by my husband and I to birth our identical twin girls and Joann did not show for the birth. She instead sent in her place Jennifer Konkol of Peaceful Blessings Midwifery to my home the day of my labor and Jennifer Konkol had no experience in delivering twins resulting in the death of one of my twin daughters. We live in a world based on peoples word and I am giving the public my word from personal experience to stay far away from this midwife. Joann Falcon recently posted an article on her Facebook page, "Expecting twins? You probably don't need to schedule a cesarean section. Most moms can safely give birth without surgery." I decided to comment on the article and she recently blocked me from her Facebook page.

If you are interested in reading my birth story please follow the article link http://dreahlouis.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-midwife-from-hell.html it will explain this MIDWIFE ALERT.
May women continue to add to the Midwife Alert exposing midwives that have damaged their families and has caused heartache and humiliation for your choice to home birth.  
Choosing to have a homebirth is a big decision. It can go so right but there is also a possibility that it can go all wrong. Just understand that either way you are taking a risk and you may be putting the life of your unborn child in the hands of women like the one you see above. I put my trust in Midwife Joann Falcon, I put my unborn daughters lives in the hands of a witch who did not take my labor serious which resulted in a casualty, ridicule, and grief all while she is stiff delivering babies. All the president of the Midwife Association says is to write a grievance letter and the midwife will be under review. But It's my word against her word because deaths happen in the hospital and at home as some say.  That is a disgrace to all humanity. I advise any woman birthing twins to go to a hospital. There are to many risk involved with multiple babies to birth at home without out the proper equipment for C-section if necessary. If a baby is suffocating in the womb you have only 3-5 minutes to act and you cant do anything at home. Even one baby is risking because those umbilical cords and placentas are tricky. I am strictly speaking on experience and fact.


Feel Free to add to the Midwife report in the Comment section. It's time to start speaking out! Who cares if they won't release the death numbers for homebirths. Why wait? All the mothers that has had a death caused by an unskillful midwife please place them on this Midwife Alert.

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