Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accountability is Questionable

Does midwifery have true accountability?" My answer to that question is NO! Absolutely not. Based on my situation with my midwife experience there was absolutely no accountability. The midwife didn't even show up to a Grievance meeting about her actions. It took a whole year to get a meeting and the midwife does not show up! The midwives in charge of these grievance meetings make up the rules as they go. My goal is to let other moms know that you absolutely don't want to have to file a grievance because there is no accountability. Take it from a mother who has talked to politicians, lawyers, lobbyist, congressmen, district attorneys, midwives, doctors, nurses and police officers. There is no accountability with home birth if something goes wrong. All you will get is a dead or mental handicapped child and or funeral cost and fees and lets not forget to mention medical bills.

Come on who would want that for their self? Absolutely no one. So my advice is to play it safe in the hospital. Don't play rush and roulette at home with these midwives. My story is one of many and very sad but real. Every midwife is not Joanne but why wait to the birth to find out, then its to late. Sometimes word of mouth is not good enough to rely on by itself. Dig deep. Find your own accountability. Know the reasons you really want to have a home birth. I use to be so against hospitals but really we do need them and midwives are doing a good job to keep women out of them but then when something goes wrong you have to run too that very hospital that you tried to stay away from.

You don't want your child's birth to be a crime scene that a midwife is running from all along she is still delivering babies as if she didn't just murder a child. Putting other children and women at risk. Collecting money on a phony business is absolutely unfair to any mother seeking a natural stress free birth at home. People say using the word murder is to vivid, strong but that is how my birth happened. You see the midwife deceived me, lied to me, called her self helping by coaching over the phone when in all reality she should have called the ambulance to my home. Can you imagine following the lead of your midwife all the way up to the birth and because it all goes wrong at the end the midwives ask you  why you didn't call 911? That is an absolute slap in the face and a wake up call to let all other mothers know that your choosing home birth as a better option to hospital birth but don't let your midwife toy with your intelligence and your lines of questioning. You have lives on the line with no accountability knocking at your front door.

How can active midwives expect for mothers to trust them and home birth if there is no true accountability for the actions of a midwife

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