Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Midwife Time Clock

For some reason I feel like midwives agree that it is okay to be extremely late to births. A birth is so unpredictable. I can not stress enough that each woman's body is unique and different. As a midwife you can not base one birth off of another birth. Midwife's can not play around with time. If as a midwife you have chosen to take on a client and you realize that you stay more than 30 minutes away from her than that's way too far! Thirty minutes is even pushing it if you ask me. I think that this one of the major problems with the midwifery community. Time.

Time is of Essence isn't that the beautiful cliche that we all know. It's true. Some women have precipitous labors (very fast) the midwife knows this and still takes on the client and then at the end gambles with time. Believe it or not having a baby at home is truly unpredictable. How does a midwife know ahead of time how long a women will labor? How does a midwife know if that vertex baby won't turn breech during labor? How does that midwife know that the baby's heart rate can increase extremely fast in distress? How does a midwife prepare for prolapse cord?

The answer to those question is you can't prepare enough. The point of this chapter of the blog is to talk about how time is perceived in the midwife world opposed to the client/mother world. A lot of midwives tell their clients to call when contractions are 5 minutes apart. REALLY?

Five minutes apart is kind of pushing it if your asking me. Five minutes apart is really close and things can happen quick. No woman should have an unassisted childbirth. That is not cool at all and it is very risky. I know of midwives who have had unassisted childbirths and feel that there is nothing wrong with it. The midwife who held the grievance meeting for my daughter has an unassisted childbirth although she is a midwife.

She told me at the grievance board that her child birth for her latest baby was unassisted because her midwife as well was late. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else see a problem with this or is it just me. If your going to be late for a birth then home birth completely goes out the window. You can't birth babies at home if your going to be late.

Being on time for a birth is essential I think most women would agree. Your already taking a risk birthing a baby at home. I think CPM's should hang it up not more delivering babies at home because we all know that there is more than one MIDWIFE FROM HELL OUT THERE!

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