Monday, March 17, 2014

Home Birth Has left a Sour Taste in my Mouth

Unfortunately I must say that home birth has indeed left a sour taste in my mouth. Every time I think of a woman home birthing I see "Dead Babies". I cant get these images out of my mind. It is sick and disgusting how non serious these midwives are about mothers and babies. I'm sorry to every midwife who thinks they can deliver babies in "La La Land".  A lot of these midwives are so free spirited that they have forgotten about logic. When a woman chooses home birth she is not thinking about all the things that could go wrong and the midwife is not going to tell you about all the things that can go wrong because indeed it is a business and they don't want to scare their clients into hospitals now do they?

Some of these midwives are pitiful when it comes to home birth and their fairy ideas on how birth should be. I am shouting, "get out of the clouds" and pull some logic out a hat. Birthing babies at home is serious and there needs to be a serious team of people involved. Home birth in all reality should be just as much as a hospital birth because your going to have to pay a whole lot of people to make sure that that baby comes out live and healthy. Also midwives need to stop being so scared of hospitals and working with physicians because ultimately if something goes wrong you have to go there anyway.

Don't get me wrong some women have been lucky and many do have smooth, gracious, glory filled births at home with minimum assistant of any a midwife or a team. If a woman has a baby and she was unassisted by a midwife. THAT WAS DANGEROUS and I sure hope you didn't pay your midwife.The baby is going to come into the world with or without a midwife. Your paying a midwife to be extra hands, help, and most of all logic in the field of babies and labor.

Midwifery also has left a sour taste in my mouth because there is truly no accountability. The process alone is stressful and timely. It takes an extremely long time to place a complaint on a midwife. Most women faced with this circumstance will give up! The midwives will make you want to give up. I stuck to my grains and I did not give up for my daughter Aminah. This blog keeps her live everyday. My daughter is helping many mothers save their babies lives.

There needs to be more accountability with midwifery before I change my mind on home birth. Until then I will tell every other mother who is thinking about going down the path of home birth keep that sour taste in your mouth, never fully trust a midwife, do your research, and ask questions until your blue in the face. Make your midwife scared of you. Have a back up midwife just in case and never trust a midwife when she says that she doesn't have any deaths on her record.

To all the MIDWIVES FROM HELL I will never stop exposing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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