Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birth Where You Are Protected

This Chapter of the blog is important because it actually talks about hospital births vs home births something that midwives and doctors debate about all the time. Which is safer? Is a hospital birth safe? Is a home birth safer because of less interventions? My motto is better safer than sorry. I know that women are free to decide on which way to birth and the hospitals can be a little demanding on the way they process women. I believe that in all reality that doctors want to take the safest approach to birth. Do the same for all women = same results.

I truly believe that even in a home birth you need a team of people. I a good midwife is connected with good doctors and hospitals, even paramedics, cab drivers, police chiefs, and fire department. These team of people should have relationships with midwives. You need these people on your call list as a midwife in case you may need them one night and very quickly.

Hospitals and doctors are protected by insurance "just in case" and all home births have something called a grievance process and believe me as I said before you don't want to go through a grievance compliant review with midwives. The reason I say that is because it seems as though midwives are not prepared for death or event affected by a midwife's lack of education or simple time management. Midwives like to believe that the mother is at fault and these women kind of toy around with the concept of actual seriousness.

I believe that hospitals are around for a reason and I believe as a nation we have evolved to hospitals. We should embrace the hospital systems and keep home birth limited to well equipped birth centers and hospitals that tend to work with doctors not against doctors and ideas.

Some of us mothers get birth confused with numbers and statistics but under it all it comes down to live babies vs. dead babies and regardless of the path taken 1 dead baby is a baby too many.

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