Thursday, April 17, 2014

Missouri HB 2189 Metting

Never have I been to the Capitol building in my 28 years here on earth. The building architecture is beautiful. The lawn well manicured and the trees swayed beautifully in the spring wind as my husband, twin daughter and I rushed to appear at the 12 o clock hearing on HB 2189 on Wednesday April 16, 2014. I was asked by a few house members to appear to tell my story about my home birth disaster.

As I entered the Capitol Building I was mesmerised  by the history hanging all over the walls. Pictures of all the people responsible over the years for laws in Missouri. Indeed my husband and I did feel out of place because we were one of few African American in the building. Sad to see that there were not any African Americans on the wall kind of made me feel uncomfortable. To know that African Americans existence here is well know but know where did I see a face as the same color of my own on in the house. There were children there on field trips, universities visiting; touring. I was so lost the building felt so big to me.

With assistance from many people that morning I did find my way to the office of Diane Franklin. She introduced herself with a handshake and a Thank you for appearing. As we sat and waited for the hearing to begin I prepared myself for my testimony for the bill. I mean I kept telling myself, "how do you prepare for something that you have never done before?" I couldn't prepare enough.

When it was finally time for us to appear in the hearing room we did so. As we walked down to the hearing room my hands began to sweat and my heart began to race rapidly. You see this day was very important for my family and I not just because we were able to tell our story but because we have not had any justice for our daughter and this was the closest thing to that. As my husband and I waited patiently for the bill to be introduced I sat and thought about how many families this bill would help in the future.

Finally, Missouri House Bill 2189 was introduced by Diane Franklin she describe the importance of the bill and the specifics of the bill in particular, the amount that covers midwives and so forth. I was the first witness I was finally getting  my chance to tell people about this midwife and my home birth disaster to a group of people who have the power to change things. Indeed I did tell my birth disaster in five minutes and nervous I was but I did get my point across.

I support HB 2189 for future families because it will indeed help many. It will not bring back lives or change mental retardation but it does add some accountability to the situation. Right now NARM does not understand accountability. They have put Shannon Anton in charge of the accountability department. A dishonest woman she is. She will help these midwives hide deaths and she will protect these midwives. You see I have already done the necessary steps to a grievance. When a baby dies the only thing that you can do is to write a complaint to the Association. The association is not familiar with the proper way to conduct or hold a grievance review.  If there is no malpractice insurance then all a family has left is to file a grievance.

I did everything that I was suppose to do. I submitted all requested documents many times more than once. The midwives wanted me to give up and forget about my daughters death but I continued on because the way that my daughter died was brutal she was suffocated in my womb while I waited on the midwife. I never knew she was dying while I was waiting. Why? Because I am not a midwife. I hired a midwife for that very reason. To be the driver of the ship and she failed and my sink sank all the way to the bottom with passengers on it.

Regardless if the bill is passed. I will continue my quest of providing knowledge to woman who want it. Sometimes change is good and I know that the bill has not been passed and has been persued a few times but I feel as a mother that it can really do more good than harm.

Thanks all for who included me in a possible positive step into saving more babies and mothers.

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April 16, 2014

Dreah Louis

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