Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Questioning the Unthinkable

How many woman's babies died at home from a planned home birth and the mother did not file a Grievance?

I know that there are many but woman are scared about speaking out about their decision to home birth after it has went bad. At first it was hard for me to speak out because I was mourning. I was in another world when my twin daughter died. Apart of me died and my family wanted answers. The hospital question came up so much. "Why didn't you go to the hospital."  I eventually just stopped telling people that I lost my twin but there were those people who knew I was pregnant with twins and only see one (this is when the question would come up). I had to except the fact that my daughter died and it was because I chose to home birth. When I started this blog I never said that I didn't hold myself partly responsible for my daughters death.

This blog is a Memoir of Aminah and her fight and struggle. It is my dedication to my daughter. I hope she is pleased in the after life to still consider me as her creator, mother and teacher. For my relationship with my daughter is more than just physical but a spiritual assurance of her existence.

Knowledge is something that is worth much more than money and if I can help other women with exposing the truth about home birth and what midwives are capable of is delightful.

If you are truly a good midwife my blog is no threat to you.

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